wild orchid

these wild orchids are elusive, in every way. Difficult to spot (although they often grow in groups), hidden away in often thick vegetation. Easier to notice in the evening — white against a dark background. In the evening, too, they emit their magnificent scent. Not only are they difficult to find, they’re very difficult to photograph. I’ve attempted it two seasons in a row, but am still not completely happy with the results.

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  1. Ah, black and white. Excellent. It was still cold!

  2. Mark Gould · ·

    I suggest that you put the stem at the golden section (off centre). Also, if an insect is visiting… It provides a focus for the viewer…

  3. Shane — thanks! Yes, in june it was quite cold, this year.

    Mark — yes, I agree about insects, they’re good that way (too). Unfortunately there weren’t any! I’ve never even seen one on an orchid, but obviously it must happen. (I have to say, I’m not the kind of patient person who lies in a ditch for a long time just waiting for something to happen…!) As for your other suggestion, the first one — yes, very often true. In this case, it didn’t work either (I had such pictures, they felt lopsided). Something felt wrong, no matter what. I must do more experimenting.


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