sun at midnight

Lutterworths ger ut en ny och reviderad upplaga av Geoffrey Aherns klassiska studie av antroposofin, den antroposofiska rörelsen, dess tankegods och historia och dess grundare. Ahern, Sun at Midnight: The Rudolf Steiner Movement and Gnosis in the West. En bok jag definitivt kommer att läsa med störst intresse.sunatmid

“A revised and updated edition of the book, first published in the Eighties, that still remains the main critical work written from outside the movement.

This engaging introduction to Anthroposophy is written from the unique point of view of the English-speaking outside world. Employing Anthroposophical and external sources alike, Ahern offers an unbiased look into one of the world’s most interesting mystical societies.

Sun at Midnight guides the reader through Anthroposophy’s beginnings as an offshoot of Theosophy, the life of its founder, Rudolf Steiner, and the movement’s place in Western esoteric history while offering an accessible and incisive look into its deeper esoteric beliefs. Waldorf schools and bio-dynamics are woven together with the hardening of spirit into matter to create a fascinating image of Anthroposophy in all its facets.”

Tillägg: mer info här. An unbiased look into one of the world’s most interesting mystical societies, this is the only comprehensive and empathic account written from outside the movement. Extensively revised to cover the major developments of anthroposophy in the last two decades, without altering the purpose of the original work, this scholarly overview places Anthroposophy into context and introduces the theory of the occurrence of gnosis in the Western world.”


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  1. Hi Zooey

    I thought I would take the time to say a friendly hello
    You are indeed a real person :) As soon as you mentioned zooey I knew exactly who you were and remembered you from last year. But when you first started posting I was really confused, you appeared just when mommy was becoming even more odd!

    Im really sad that sune etc give you so much grief when all you want to do is enlighten people.

    A big cheery wave from Yurtgirl (regularly to be found wittering on Mumsnet)

  2. Thanks a lot :) I know what you’re talking about–and with nuts like some of these anthros, it’s… well, what can you say ;) My intention going in there was to make sure people understood that the Mommybuddy was an anthro, but I realized it’s harder than I thought not to go along with the joking and pranking… Mommybuddy is quite an expert… If it wasn’t for the fact that he destroys otherwise meaningful discussions, he’s probably not that bad (it’s a sense of humour that is… well, special… in the right place, at the right time, it’s acceptable–what pisses me off is that he makes a joke out of people’s real life worries, people who have children that are still young, and maybe still in waldorf/steiner… and I feel for these children, deeply).

    I have to say it was kind of fun of “Mommybuddy” to make it seem as though I was a troll of the person I accused him of being ;) But, as I said on mumsnet, it’s all a game to him. Which is ok, in a sense (place and time issue), but it detracts from the very real issues that mums and dads face in waldorf/steiner schools. (I (and the Mommybuddy) can joke about it—because waldorf doesn’t affect me (us) directly. At this point.)

    But, yes, I understand why it caused confusion…

    I only tried to register for fun, I thought mumsnet had blocked my IP-number ;) Maybe the name Ahriman was a bad set-up… could only lead to more craziness…



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