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Childhood illnesses can be of great value to an individual’s destiny.  Young children have more mutable DNA than adults.  Children often incarnate into a body in which they feel does not suit them.  In effect, they feel uncomfortable, not-at-home in the body.  The spirit of the child which, in its over-lighting wisdom, knows what is best for the child, can use a high fever as a catalyst to transform the DNA so that the body is made more suitable for the individual soul inhabiting it.

Here’s why vaccination poses a danger to the incarnation process:

Immunizations can interfere with this process, resulting in a child having to live with allergies and/or asthma for the rest of its life.

Vaccinations are always bad. For this group of anti-vaccination activists, it doesn’t matter how “safe” vaccines are–it’s not an issue of thimerosal or any other ingredient. It’s the use of immunisation and the eradication of “necessary” illnesses as such.

Also, when some illnesses are eradicated for the general population, the pool of human consciousness seeks out new illnesses to fill the gap, so that on a deeper level people can access the challenges and/or conditions needed to complete their quest.  Curtailing diphtheria and tetanus, for example, necessitated humanity’s subconscious search for replacement illnesses.

The bottom line is

illnesses are often the cure for a soul condition.


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