secrets not well kept and a few medical miracles

the Steiner Storehouse writes

Rudolf Steiner has been referred to as “one of the best-kept secrets of the 20th century” — but this is not a good thing.

I guess somebody who held about half a billion lectures can’t really be said to be a secret. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing would depend on what you fancy…

Steiner Storehouse sells this amazing product: Lightroot Comp.

The unusual properties of Dioscorea batatas, a wild yam, are confirmed by ancient wisdom, modern research and spiritual science.

The spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner reveals what is probably the main reason for its effectiveness, i.e. that it has the unique property of storing the so called light ether. R. Steiner called this light ether an indispensable necessity for modern people. This quality helps our understanding of its overall tonifying effect on bodily functions, but also clarifies the beneficial role in strengthening the memory and helping the meditative work.

Why not try out the interesting medicine Hepar Pentas?

This potentized liver preparation originates from animal organs derived from New Zealand cows that have been government certified to be healthy. This supplement is useful on the one hand in supporting the liver energetically but is also used in anthroposophical medicine where behavior of a child or adult goes excessively into the direction of temperamental melancholy and sadness, excessive daytime dreaming or even depression.

Yes, if the government certified that the cows were healthy (before they were slaughtered — being dead is, by itself, bad for your health), I’m sure the product is effective in treating those poor day-dreamers. But given that it’s “potentized”, there will be no molecules of healthy cows left in there, will it? Just the memory effect lingering in the water — of the dead cow’s healthy liver.

I know what I need though Lien Pentas (scroll down, same site), to cure my possibly inappropriate quirkiness:

This potentized spleen preparation … is useful on the one hand in supporting the spleen energetically but is also used in anthroposophical medicine where behavior of a child or adult goes excessively into the direction of “inappropriate quirkiness”.

In case you have issues with “anxiety, fidgetiness or lack of follow-through and staying power due to the habit of continuously switching between projects and starting the new before finishing the old” the product for you is Renes Pentas (last product, scroll down).

Potentized cadavre pieces seem to be a big hit. But let’s move on. What about Adrenal Pentas?

Thus, use of the Adrenal Pentas™ TMS product might also be extremely beneficial in children. The addition of trace minerals to this supplement has a dual purpose. It allows the energetic forces to penetrate deeper into the body by strengthening the spiritual Ego forces

Aurum Pentas Colloidium (same site, scroll down) cures a lack of light in the soul functions. Potentized copper, Cuprum Pentas, “is useful in alleviating chronic spasms and colics.” It also “increases forces of soul warmth and sympathy and is useful in cases where a person is perceived to be callous, not caring and overly detached.” Splendid!

But what I really need, in combination with the quirkiness decrease provided by Lien Pentas, is Cuprum Pentas: it will cure me of my tendency towards procrastination!

I recommend you all to check each product in the four sub-categories of True Botanica remedies to find exactly the witch potion/expensive water that will cure your physical and mental maladies!