materialistic positivism causes violence

Johannes Kiersch, former waldorf teacher and founder of Institut für Waldorfpädagogik, Witten:

“Materialistic positivism has, in fact, penetrated all areas of culture. This world-view, which is thus stamped upon schools, objectifies the world, makes it denser and more like a physical thing than it is by nature. Viewed anthroposophically, we are dealing with an extension of the perception model of the lower senses onto the middle or higher senses. We need not be surprised when children who learn to view the world in this way, namely from the perspective of physical perceptions, react to this insult with physical violence. The violent world-view of materialistic positivism brings forth social violence in schools. This, in turn, is promoted by the violence of school buildings in which form and color spring from the same world-view … .”

Kiersch, J.  Where is the Waldorf School Movement Going? (Transcript of lecture.)

This begs the question: where does the violence in waldorf schools come from? Can’t be from materilistic positivism or from the architecture (which often happens to be anthroposophic). Don’t say there’s no violence. There is. The tendency to turn a blind eye toward it is perhaps caused indirectly by the belief that violence is associated with “materialistic positivism” — which is considered a worse thing than violence itself. Violence, after all, can be viewed as a kind of correction of karmic inbalances of the past, thus a positive thing in some absurd sense, while materialistic positivism makes the outlook for the future particularly grim, since it halts spiritual evolution.


3 thoughts on “materialistic positivism causes violence

  1. Maybe. I’m not so sure. I think this stuff about buildings is… dubious, in this case. Apparently anthroposophic architecture isn’t solving the problem of violence or making people more sound, mentally or physically.

  2. über Johannes Kiersch:

    “Krankheiten sind für Steiner eine Strafe aus einer Verfehlung in einem früheren Leben. Behinderte gelten Anthroposophen als „Trottel-Inkarnationen“, wie sich der „Waldorfpädagoge“ Johannes Kiersch in einem Streitgespräch mit Helmut Zander im Dezember vergangenen Jahres auszudrücken beliebte. (Waldorfschule Berlin Kreuzberg, 5.12.2007)”


    [Edit: bullshit name –> Andreas Lichte. –zooey]

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