canineosophy vs anthroposophy — round I

mr steiner wrong about mrs blavatsky being right

dr Dog, my canineosophical guru, has been immersing himself in a competing (incorrect) worldview named anthroposophy — you must know your enemies on the spiritual market, says dr Dog. The guru of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner, occasionally mentioned the canines. Sometimes he was mistaken. Sometimes not. We’re sure the latter case was only a tactic. In fact, dr Steiner was influenced by Cat Forces. Or else he would have been a committed canineosophist. (Sure, he showed some interest in canineosophy — but he never seems to have abandoned anthroposophy in favour of canineosophy, thus we must regard him as someone who knew about canineosophy and yet chose the other, darker side. Oh, that’s bad. Very bad.)

Dr Dog has read what dr Steiner has said about dogs. Remember, dr Steiner started with something called theosophy. Dr Dog didn’t need to build his wisdom on stuff already thought by others; but then, of course, dr Dog is truly original, seeing truth clearly for the first time in canine history. (And human history… ah, forget about human spirituality, totally insignificant. Insignifi… cat?) In this quote, Steiner wrongly agrees with Blavatsky (Blacatsky? must be…):

“Blavatsky says quite rightly: ‘A dog, for instance, which is shut into a room has the instinct to get out, but he cannot do this because his instinct is not as yet sufficiently imbued with understanding to enable him to take the necessary steps; whereas man immediately grasps the situation and frees himself.’” (Sep 28, 1905, GA 93a.)

“Now, that’s silly. Absolutely silly. The dog would get out. Believe me, I have taken the necessary steps many times,” says mr Dog, “it isn’t that complicated to out-smart the humans. Many of our best minds among dogs have become very skilled in the art of fooling humans. Humans simply tell themselves it is cleverness to be able to push down a door handle, but in fact it is only a convenient, self-serving deception.”


4 thoughts on “canineosophy vs anthroposophy — round I

  1. silly woman. The dog isn’t imbued with the necessary hands, that’s all. How long did she think evolution took? Well of course the baboon mislead her, as with everything else. He once told her he was the reincarnation of the Queen of Sheba and had to buy his tea at Fortnums. All lies.

    Have you noticed that cats look more or less pleased all the time?

  2. Mr Dog (who only now discovered he hadn’t replied to this comment) whishes to say that you have a backward understanding of evolution, Thetis. It is the humans who haven’t evolved 4 highly functional paws yet. 4 paws = higher up on the evolutionary ladder. Will take some time yet for the humans. If they ever get there.

    This leaves us with the cat problem. We think their 4 paws are a parts of a cosmic mistake. They’re going to be gnomes on 2 feet in their next incarnations, we’re sure. Cosmic justice will sort out and correct the mistake. (And remove their tails too. Cats’ tails.)

  3. what an oversight, an unusual one for our guru. He is of course correct and we can only hope that with hard work we too can grow paws. Modern humans need not fear: it won’t take Apple long to incorporate this new feature in its designs & add a smell app too for our more highly developed noses. Sadly though, no one can stop us burying our gadgets in the garden & forgetting where we did so. Or why.

  4. Well, yes. And when we have evolved to dogs (or devolved to cats, which will be the case for some (now) human souls) Apple will have to change its name to Steak. Can’t have vegetable or fruit names in such a world…

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