causes and effects

Rudolf Steiner, discontented with the Stuttgart waldorf school faculty:

People are talking about causality, that is, cause and effect. In the world around us, the effects arise from their causes, but here in Stuttgart, the effects arise from no cause at all. There are no causes here, and if you want a cause, there is none. If you try to pin someone down to a cause, that person would give a personal explanation, but you cannot find the cause.

The effects are devastating. We have seen what they are. Due to the Stuttgart attitude, we have here an absolute contradiction of the law of causality. The reasons actually exist, but they are continually disputed so that no one becomes aware of them. We always have effects, but the causes are explained away. If you multiply zero by five, you still have nothing, and I would certainly like to know what value nothing has.

Steiner, R. Faculty Meetings…, p 417-8.


5 thoughts on “causes and effects

  1. Why don’t his followers share his sense of humour?

    “I like zooey’s blog,” he’d say, “It’s the only internet site with a foyer. Saul and I often meet there, by the ethereal kiosk. The ice-cream is splendid.”

  2. Indeed! That’s what I ask, too!

    I think some of his followers, i e the waldorf faculty, were offended that he accused them of mismanagement. He tells them they suck, basically, that they’ve lost the grip on the school. These pages, beginning somewhere around/before 400, are quite funny.

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