canineosophy vs anthroposophy — round II

the philosopher dog

… our sense of smell is inferior to the dog’s. And so you can imagine that when a dog runs over the fields, he finds everything terribly interesting; so many smells come to him that if he were able to describe it, he would say the world is all smell. If among dogs there were a thinker like Schopenhauer …, he would write interesting books! Schopenhauer wrote a book called “The World as Will and Idea” — but he was a man and his organ of smell had become an organ of thinking. The dog could write a book called “The World as Will and Smell.” In the dog’s book there would be a great deal beyond the discernment of a human being, because while a human being forms an idea, a mental image of things, a dog smells them. And it is my private opinion that the dog’s book — if the dog were a Schopenhauer — would actually be more interesting than the book that Schopenhauer himself wrote! (Steiner, lecture Aug 9, 1924, GA 354)

First, Steiner got one huge thing wrong. Smelling does not exclude thinking. It is just a deeper kind of thinking. In canineosophy, we call smell thinking a more spiritual thinking; it is really a thinking involving more than simply a cognitive aspect (which is also available to humans). Secondly, he’s absolutely right that humans have inferior sense of smell and that the dog’s book would be more interesting than Schopenhauers. The latter goes without saying, of course. Overall, Steiner shows some essential insights, but without canineosophy he can’t develop further. For example, he coldn’t train himself to develop a spiritual nose (a supersensible organ of the nosy kind) applying anthroposophical methods only. Much less could he lecture to others about how to do it. After all, he didn’t hold any lectures for the First Class of the School of Spiritual Canine Science. He couldn’t. That’s the reason. He was just a human being.


6 thoughts on “canineosophy vs anthroposophy — round II

  1. Deep. Like a rabbit hole in a lost field.

    The dogs of the first class hold a blue bone, did you know that? No, because they bury it where you can’t see it & even they can’t remember where it is.

    One was outside my door, howling, just today. She is a very big dog with a big howl. Many of the gnomes that infest my garden were weeping into their beards with the poignancy of it all, not realising that she was enjoying herself: she was singing. She was singing about the blue bone, the Mrs Dogs told me, although she’d lost it… somewhere…

  2. Well, they’re really supersensible bones with a very special and yummy smell, like cadavres, but better! (Imagine!!) It’s only the humans who are so attached to colours and such, we dogs aren’t. So the first class dogs really hold smelly bone. Which is also why real smelly bone-holders don’t have any trouble finding their smelly bone. Some dogs pretend they’re smelly bone-holders, which explains why, when asked to present their smelly bone, they are unable to do so. It’s the old problem of finding what’s not there.

    I sing a lot myself. It’s very spiritual. /mr Dog.

  3. Ah, well this dog does look as if she’s one sandwich short of a picnic.

    If barking is spiritual the MrsDogs have attained a kind of enlightenment. But it isn’t, is it? It’s purely informative.

  4. Barking is just chit-chat, not to be frowned upon, of course, but not particularly spiritual. Howling, that’s where spirituality is. Some dogs can turn barking into howling, with a little practice. I recommend listening to fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. Attempt singing with them. At first, it may sound lots like ordinary barking, but eventually, with practice, real howling will happen. I mostly use barking for telling the 2-legged person something, like “come and help!”; howling, however, is for spirituality and enlightenment. /mr Dog.

  5. Now the best howling happens when we set fire to a eurythmy hall. Fire engines, police sirens, ambulances, wailing eurythmists.. we should do it again…

  6. Ooooh, this is my kind of furry, 4-pawed girl!!! I’m smitten! We could arrange a canineosophical conference and have this for spiritual evening entertainment. / mr Dog, feeling romantic.

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