the dumb swedes

‘A teacher: B.B. is in my seventh grade class. Could you give me some advice?
‘Dr. Steiner: He is in a class too high for what he knows. He is lazy? I think it is just his nature, that he is Swedish, and you will have to accept that he cannot quickly comprehend things. They grasp things slowly, but if you return to such things often, it will be all right. They love to have things repeated. That is perhaps what it is that you are observing with him.’

Steiner, R. Faculty Meetings with Rudolf Steiner, p 412.


3 thoughts on “the dumb swedes

  1. Zooey,
    Please continue bringing Rudolf Steiner’s lectures and writings forward, so making it easier for the presumptive waldorf parents to comprehend what it is they are considering signing into.

  2. ‘I think it is just his nature, that he is Swedish.’

    The divine wisdom, haha. As having some kind of nationality has anything to do with someone’s nature.

    But if it is right that the Swedish ‘cannot quickly comprehend things and grasp things slowly’, I suppose that there must be many anthroposophists in Sweden? ;-)

  3. It’s a bit paradoxical because Steiner expressed quite high regard for the Nordic nationalities in other circumstances. Then again, he occasionally contradicted himself… Sometimes (eh!) one gets the impression he just makes things up as he goes along, especially in discussions. So a teacher asks about a slow child. Steiner invents an explanation. Some explanations are truly bizarre. But nobody objects. He’s the undisputed expert.

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