‘Wie oft habe ich betont, daß man sich nicht in die höheren Welten hinaufessen kann, weder dadurch, daß man dies oder jenes ißt, noch dadurch, daß man dies oder jenes zu essen unterläßt. Das Hineinarbeiten in die geistigen Welten ist eine geistige Angelegenheit, das Essen ist eine physische Angelegenheit, also auch das Unterlassen des Essens. Sonst könnte ja jemand auf den grotesken Gedanken kommen: Wenn man gewisse Speisen nicht ißt, so trete das und das ein, und wenn man gewisse Speisen ißt, so trete dies und jenes ein.’ Steiner, R. GA 253 (erster Vortrag).

Steiner also apparently gave the advice — according to Lachman’s biography — to someone, who found it difficult to abstain from the consumption of meat, that it’s better to eat meat than to think meat. I don’t know where that comes from originally though, since unfortunately Lachman doesn’t provide references.


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  1. What’s funny is that he really is partly to blame himself for his followers getting the impression that he gives practical, physical advice on how to get to the higher worlds. He’s a bit inconsistent too. If he told them that eating potatoes caused materialism (which isn’t a one-way ticket to the higher worlds exactly), he would have to forgive his followers for thinking abstention from potatoes is a good thing, something which may enhance one’s opportunities to reach the higher realms. (Just using that as an example. The passage about potatoes I’m thinking about is from 1924; the lecture quoted above is from 1915.)

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