‘to understand is not to make oneself blind’

‘He who would be a true member should strive in the deepest places of his soul for inner tolerance towards his fellow-men. To understand one’s fellow-man ― even where he thinks and does things which one would not like to think and do oneself ― this should be the ideal.

‘It need not mean an uncritical attitude to weaknesses and faults. To understand is not to make oneself blind. To a human being whom we love, we may speak of his faults and mistakes. In many cases he will feel it as the greatest service of friendship, whereas ― if we lay down the law about him with cold indifference of judgment ― he recoils from our lack of understanding and consoles himself with feelings of hatred which begin to stir in him against his critic.

‘In many respects it would become disastrous for the Anthroposophical Society if the intolerance of other men and failure to understand them ― so widely dominant in the outer world today ― were carried into it. Within the Society, such qualities grow in intensity through the very fact that men come nearer to one another.’ (Steiner, GA 26.)


2 thoughts on “‘to understand is not to make oneself blind’

  1. GA26 is good, I’ve grooved on it for decades. There is a booklet with those articles in English — I belive it used to be given to new members — called The Life, Nature and Cultivation of Anthroposophy”.


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