imaginary bunnies come true

Behind every material phenomenon, there’s a spiritual reality, according to an AWSNA (Association of Waldorf Schools in North America) brochure I downloaded a while ago. (It’s called Anthroposophy 101 and is written by R E Koetzsch, PhD.)

This spiritual world contains a multiplicity of beings, the nine divine hierarchies—angels, archangels, up through the cherubim and seraphim, which are all expressions of a single creator God who is the foundation of all existence, elementals, fallen and unfallen, group souls of animal, plant, and mineral life, folk souls of different racial and national groups, the souls of human beings who are between incarnations on the material plane, and so on. […] [Humans] are not the descendant of lower primates, not just a hairy ape. The human being is the crowning jewel of the creation. The entire created universe has been brought into being so that the human being might come into existence. [PDF]

The human spirit, which is eternal, goes through a program of ‘cosmic recycling’, Koetzsch writes. What is the task of, e g, waldorf education then?

Human culture must be transformed according to a spiritual vision of the human being. Every domain of human thought and activity … must be renewed on the basis of a spiritual understanding of the human being. Only if we do this will the evolution of humanity and of the earth continue in a positive way.

This should be the aim of everybody’s strivings, despite the thwarting efforts of bad guys — ‘adversarial powers’, i e, Ahriman and Lucifer — who make human efforts difficult but whose existence is, at the same time, a condition for human freedom. Taking Steiner’s sculpture Representative of Man as a role model, the author claims, possibly with a sigh of relief, that ‘[i]n the end everything will be all right.’

If these ideas are not true. They should be true. What we believe shapes the reality. If we become conscious of these ideas and hold them they will become true.

Cause and effect? Reality check? Mr Dog wishes he’ll be catching all the bunnies in the universe. He simply needs to believe it, and it will be true. No wonder he’s so upset about the present state of things. Canineosophy 101 tells us all bunnies belong to mr Dog, because he believes in them. He’s working on a sculpture. It’s going to be named Representative of Dog. A very impressive piece of work.

(h/t people on Twitter — I forgot who originally linked to AWSNA’s article…! I hereby credit you all!)


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  1. Zooey,

    The author Ronald Koetzsch is the Dean of Students at Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, CA. OK, that part’s not surprising, but what may make you and Mr. Dog positively gleeful — or maybe fearful — is that Ron Koetzsch is a bona fide professional stand up comedian! (I once attended one of his shows in 2003 and he’s pretty funny!)

    Also he is both a Princeton and Harvard man, which is something I thought Sune would exploit against Peter, since either Harvard or Princeton by itself would trump Cornell any day of the week and every which way to Sunday.

    Here’s the link to Ron at the RSC site

    Ronald teaches Philosophy, World Religions, Nutrition and ESL at RSC, and coordinates a volunteer Recorder Ensemble. He is also internationally known as a comedian, offering one-man shows of interest to Anthroposophists in search of humor. Harvard University, MA and PhD in World Religions (conc. East Asia), 1967, 1981; Princeton University, AB, Religion, 1965

  2. (Darn, there’s a ‘z’ in his name. Must edit my post…)

    That’s interesting. And reassuring to know there are anthroposophists with humour.

    Also, it’s not actually a bad document, ‘Anthroposophy 101’. It’s way more informative than any of Sune’s websites. Although it is somewhat lacking in both humour and design. (Awful awful choice of font.)

  3. ‘If these ideas are not true. They should be true. What we believe shapes the reality. If we become conscious of these ideas and hold them they will become true.’

    This is to a certain extent, true. At least though belief doesn’t make these ideas objectively true (in the sense that there really is a spiritual dimension stocked with Steiner’s particular figures) since you cannot make a cosmology true by virtue of belief alone, you need evidence* (sorry, Mr Dog) they can be a kind of true or at least achieve a facsimile of life as fantasy, as fiction. As a subject for humour.

    And of course these ideas are true for adherents who have been blessed or cursed with belief, this IS their reality. That doesn’t make them true though. And it certainly doesn’t mean that they should be true. In fact, after considering the evidence, it’s clear that for the good of the mental & indeed physical health of the majority of humans they should NOT be true.

    But they’re not true. So we needn’t worry too much.

    *not spiritual science. It doesn’t count.

  4. But canineosophical science counts! All bunnies are mr Dog’s and all cats are incarnations of evil! It’s reality and it’s true! The evidence is: mr Dog said so! What more could you possibly ask for? (… are you a cat? ’cause we smell a cat asking heretic questions about the Truth of canineosophy…!)

    Speaking of the inhabitants of Steiner’s universe, I just discovered Weleda has a remedy called Archangelica. But I couldn’t figure out what it was for or against. Maybe unwanted growth of wings? But who wouldn’t want that?

  5. oh I don’t dispute canineosophy: it’s my truth. So it is true.

    So if I have a soft spot for cats, what’s that to anyone else? I’ll just deny it & then it won’t be true.

    Archangelica is for an excess of love for humanity. Taking it ensures that anthroposophists maintain their hauteur.

  6. We’re very relieved to hear this. Mr Dog feared he wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight, worrying about your spirit straying off the path, lured by cats… scary stuff. Although, to tell you the truth, we’re still a little bit worried about you liking cats and denying it. These things seem a bit contradictory — like chasing two bunnies at the same time, when one of them runs leftwards and the other rightwards. (Could split a dog, even a wise dog, in half — oh the horror!)

    So that’s what it’s for… well it makes sense. Seems connected to the narcissism again, this magic potion?

  7. yes, in an opposite way. It occurs to me that anthroposophists detest humanity and can hardly bear to look at it.

  8. Although they like to talk about it. As an abstract concept at least.

    Maybe Archangelica really is the perfect drug for people who like to keep believing that they’re saving humanity. Maybe it’s like the reverse of an anti-psychotic?

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