the bunny-hunter

The bunny-hunter himself in the forest this afternoon. During a brief pause, which I suppose was intended as an invigorating rest for the furry legs while the dog-mind was scanning the forest for more bunnies. Real or imaginary. I’m afraid that one day he will have mushrooms grow in his fur and gnomes inhabiting it. The latter may already be happening, for all I know.

Yes, it is mud and twigs. He rolled his face in a mud pile.


5 thoughts on “the bunny-hunter

  1. Actually, mr Dog is a pure breed (wolf, he says). We did try dog shows, but ironically — and quite typically — mr Dog managed to get stuck inside a thorny shrubbery on the way from the bus to the show ground. Such incidents aren’t very helpful to long silky furs.

    Ps @thetis — not to worry, feel free to discuss those posts more. (I haven’t caught up yet, unfortunately, but will soon.)

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