cows (and one incredibly cute calf)

Cute cow close-ups (well, not very close, I respect the cows):

‘The cow has horns in order to send into itself the astral-ethereal formative powers, which, pressing inward, are meant to penetrate right into the digestive organism. [. . .] Thus in the horn you have something well adapted by its inherent nature, to ray back the living and astral properties into the inner life. In the horn you have something radiating life — nay, even radiating astrality. It is so indeed: if you could crawl about inside the living body of a cow — if you were there inside the belly of the cow you — would smell how the astral life and the living vitality pours inward from the horns.’ [Steiner, R. Agriculture Course.]

This one added just for sheer cuteness:


4 thoughts on “cows (and one incredibly cute calf)

  1. Behind these beautiful cows,which you are right to respect,( they can be temperamantal, all that universal consciousness can be very irritating – just imagine it!), but behind them I think I can see the top of the old gasometers designed by Boberg, who also designed Rosenbad, the chancellery building, and NK among other Stockholm buildings. A really fine and interesting architect. I am sure the cows with their universal consciousness appreciated their view.

  2. I don’t quite understand why my last comment about the cows and Boberg appeared as anonymous, any way, it was me, Falk

  3. The thing with the name happens every now and then. (I’ll edit it.)

    True! And if you look even closer, you can spot the roof of both of the old gasometers designed by Boberg. The smaller one is barely visible over the treetops though.

    I’ve been inside one of them many years ago — absolutely magnificent. The other old Boberg-designed buildings in the area surrounding the gasometers are stunning as well. (The new constructions are less appealing…)

    Lots of construction and exploitation is taking place on the lands here — in a few years, it won’t be as rural as it is now. They’re building apartment blocks very close to the gasometers, just across the small creek on the other side of the field the cows are grazing right now. It is understandable, because it really is in the city. At the same time, for people like me who’ve become used to stroll in this area, it’s not so much fun. Sure, close-by there are some industrial sites which have been demolished, but I preferred the raw and unapologetic style of these to the trivial but luxorious modern apartment buildings.

    (NK (where mr Dog meets bipedal grandmother for snacks) and architect Ferdinand Boberg

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