white (photos)

More photos from today.


7 thoughts on “white (photos)

  1. Thank you Diana! And I don’t mind at all, of course. (I resize them for the purpose of posting on the blog, but some of the pictures I posted in larger versions on flickr.)

    It’s absolutely stunningly beautiful outdoors today as well. I haven’t seen Stockholm this white since… I don’t know. It’s very special. You don’t know if it’s for real, or if you’ve woken up inside a postcard or a fairy-tale. There was lots of snow last year, too, but this whiteness is totally amazing and quite unusual. Not if you go outside of Stockholm, or to northern Sweden, but in the city!

  2. It *is* quite amazing. I wondered if it was typical to have this much snow so early – well, to us, this would be very early, not usually snow until after Christmas.
    I should send you a shot of the filthy depressing city I live in, wrapped in layers of gray late-autumn grime and …. nah :)

  3. There can be snow this early, but it usually isn’t cold enough for it to stay. At least not up on trees and roofs; it needs to be below 0 degrees C around the clock, obviously, and it rarely is for more than a day or so. Dirty snow-slush on the ground, yes. But not this kind of whiteness all over the place. Sights like these wouldn’t be the regular thing even for christmas time. It’s quite normal that the snow arrives to stay, as you said, between christmas and new year’s or even in january.

    As long as it keeps snowing, it looks clean and nice. When it stops, it’s another story…

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