gods, angels

Steiner: ‘One more thing should be grasped clearly. You know that the religions of to-day talk a great deal of “God” and of the “Divine”. To WHAT do they really refer? They merely refer to something which at least exists in the human soul as a pale inkling. It is not so important to consider HOW certain things are named, but rather what exists in the human soul. People speak of “God”, they speak of “Christ” — yet they always mean nothing but their ANGEL! They can still turn to their Angel, for this touches a familiar note in their souls. It is quite an indifferent matter whether the religions of to-day speak of God, of Christ, or of anything else, for the THOUGHT-material which gives rise to their talk merely reaches as far as the Angel-beings that belong to man, as far as the Angeloi. At present, people do not rise beyond this hierarchy, for to-day they feel averse to seek a connection with the spiritual world which is more encompassing than the one which rises out of their egoism. The connection with the ARCHANGELOI, with the hierarchy of the Archangels, must be sought in another way. The present field of human interests must be considerably enlarged, so that the human beings may rise in their feelings from their inclination for the Angeloi as far as the Archangeloi.’

Not so far from gods man made in his image, is it? What’s he saying — that the gods people speak of do not exist outside their heads? This, above, is a lecture by Steiner in Berlin in 1919, published recently by the rsarchive. (Read for context on the angel stuff. Interestingly, he seems to be using the word ‘angel’ at least partly as synonymous with ‘thinking ahead’… which, in all honesty, is a rather mundane function of the human mind.)