Today I had to go for an eye exam in a suburb south of Stockholm. The excursion left me unable to see properly, so on the afternoon walk with mr Dog, I left the camera at home (and regretted it, because I have rarely seen the city so beautiful). However, I had the camera with me when I went to the optometrist. On the way home, I shot a few pictures. Surprisingly, they weren’t as bad as I had thought; I was, after all, quite visually impaired. It suddenly began to snow profusely again, as you can see above.

Both photos above were shot when I had returned to the city. The southern suburb wasn’t very exciting, I’m afraid, though it snowed there too.

From the train window.


2 thoughts on “seeing

  1. Thanks a lot!

    I couldn’t resist taking the pictures because it was so beautiful; I saw the surroundings quite well, but nothing within short range. With camera settings and stuff, I had to go entirely by chance, couldn’t see a thing. (Digital cameras sure are a blessing when you can afford to take lots of chances…)

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