northern winds

‘Hard in our face the North did blow / And battered us sore with ice and snow’ — from Shepherds’ Play edited by Jaquet and Harwood (p 53).

This part of the book is no longer accessible via google books, unfortunately. I read the play over a year ago, saved the quote and, well, there it was. In case someone is unaware of this, these christmas plays are performed every year in waldorf schools. Usually teachers act in them, not the children. (Another quote I like is found on p 62: ‘See, the wolf can bite you as hard as a dog.’)

I’m still ill — since I’ve come down with the common cold, I am, as everybody would understand (naturally), dying — and the photo comes from Sunday’s batch, shot when I felt pretty battered sore with ice and snow, as it happens. Outside it’s extraordinarily cold now too — -16° C — and lots of snow, which is very frozen and dry, glimmering and creaks when walked on it. Last evening, the full moon shone brightly. I resent not being able to be outdoors more. (And mr Dog is bored out of his wits; after a while, chewing bones and napping are just not good enough acitivies, in his not so humble opinion. As usual, he blames me and complains loudly.)