edible gnomes

Is it bad karma to eat a gnome?

The gnomes had not been hunted down properly in the forest by anthroposophists, I’m afraid. But we did have anthroposophical bees-wax candles. I didn’t know there were red beeswax candles, but it turns out there are — and the anthroposophists make them. They came in a paper box of typically anthroposophic design. Produced in Järna, too. (Oh, dear.)

I told my mother about the highly developed group soul of bees, but she didn’t seem to quite get it. Possibly, she could absorb its essence through the air as the candles burned.


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  1. Thanks!

    I should have explained better. Saying ‘you know, bees have a highly developed group soul’ is bound to cause confusion in anybody who’s never heard about bee souls or group souls (and even less the group soul of bees)!

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