merry xmas!

Merry xmas to all! I thought I’d seize the occasion, once again, to teach you about the tomte. You see, there’s the jultomte — known to you as Santa — and the tomte. The latter is possibly related to the gnome — in a way similar to human kinship with apes — though the exact genetic relationship has so far remained unexplored, due to the staggering ignorance and blatant disinterest of the materialistically minded scientific community. As you will undoubtedly notice while watching the film Tomten, there are rather compelling visual similarities in the appearance and dress code of the tomte and the gnome. Neither of them resembles Santa much, except perhaps in their taste in hats and their preference for facial hair. Don’t worry about Steiner’s caution that gnomes are only visible to those able to see on the astral plane. This film has obviously been adapted to a materialistic audience. (If someone cannot spot the gnome at all, at any time during those 11.24 minutes, please do tell me.) Besides, since this is technically a tomte, Steiner’s words may not be applicable. When viewing, don’t worry about the long and boring intro of Tomten — just stay put and wait for the good stuff. The elderly lady and the child are simply distractions. It gets exciting, I promise. Fortunately, I found a version with English subtitles! So, here he is, the tomte.

This short film is from 1941. (There’s a beautiful dog and cows with horns in it, so keep your eyes wide open!) The poem, Tomten, was written by author Viktor Rydberg, and is read and (at least partly) learnt by heart in Swedish schools. Well, maybe not anymore, but in ancient times when I went to school. Both waldorf and post-waldorf, actually.

Woofs, barks and growls,

-z and mr Dog

PS. Mr D wishes me to clarify that x = Dog. ‘It goes without saying’, I assure him, but he stresses the importance of it, since human thinking is, as he puts it, highly unreliable.


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