initiation-science exacts its price…

‘Initiation-science’ may not be for waldorf teachers. Because

initiation-science exacts a price for the deeper satisfactions its revelations promise: an accelerated encounter with the veiled consequences of our own actions.

Note: encounter with the consequences of actions. This is the description of a lecture series arranged by the Anthroposophical Society, or an east coast branch of it in Chestnut Ridge, NY. The text continues:

By cultivating a responsive appreciation for all one’s surroundings, anthroposophical self-development leads its practitioners into closer relations with others. Such deepened engagement entails harsh meetings with imperfection, both theirs and our own. Fruitfully resolving the resulting conflicts requires enhanced powers of endurance to accompany refined sensitivities.

I’m don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I’ll settle for the former. Most of all, I find the language hysterical and the pretentions quite comical. This is the topic for the session on February 6:

Why are we at a loss for meaning in our sufferings and satisfactions?
Consequences in social life through karma and reincarnation studies: Understanding the laws of metamorphosis turns inside-out our superficial interpretations of social events.


5 thoughts on “initiation-science exacts its price…

  1. Alicia: “I’m don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I’ll settle for the former.”

    You didn’t list “shaking my head” as a possible reaction, Alicia ;)
    That’s what I did.

  2. Oh, it reminds me of how our teachers were always quoting some Steiner thing about “holding people in the light.” It was their mantra, constantly repeated to each other, to open and close meetings, and just at random in times of stress. I came to understand that when we were most frantically exhorted to hold someone in the light, it was when the person was thought to have well and truly screwed up. “Holding someone in the light” came to sound quite a bit like “hating their guts and wishing them dead.”

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