a flaming golden horse from the future?

Is there anything at all to this, except a multitude of colourful words? What are they actually doing? What was the conference about? Beats me.

Some are searching on hidden pathways for the heartland’s language. […] They recognise each other as essential for the activity of re-constituting existence. […] It seeks to bring the imagination of the future beyond the narrowness of the present picture by breathing heart heat into the ice of today to create the water of tomorrow… […] It feels full and ripe and ready. Like we are pregnant midwives. Like there has been so much work in the garden of this place. […] It rings out in the world like a bell. It shines on all, for all, without favoritism, like the Sun. Like many suns. Like the word “Yes.” […] International Initiative Forum hopes to strengthen the space between all those who are, or who are seeking to be, active in the world out of this force – who strive with responsibility, and with trust. It aims to build up the substance between all human beings who feel a connection to this ‘invisible’ network.’

Brace yourselves, however, for the best part:

There is a new mood walking the earth. It rides on the back of a flaming golden horse from the future, bearing a shield of meteoric iron and a lance of pure light. It strikes down upon the carnival of the world, and of our selves. It strikes down upon the death of our thinking and our will. It strikes down upon the illusions that keep us from our true names. […] A new union, a new art. A new community of individuals. The time has come. The fruit is so ripe. We ride with the rider in the strength of the Sun through the dawn of the age of light…’

Why is a walking mood riding on the back of a flaming golden horse from the future? Does this sparkling occasion mark the dawn of equineosophy? If not, this sounds like a peculiar kind of a circus. And I suddenly think of the apocalypse, without knowing why.



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  1. yep that’s a mixed-metaphor but it’s spiritual, so it’s even more funny.

    It’s like a Dan Brown novel, without the literature.

  2. I never read Dan Brown, I’m ashamed to say. I tried to watch the Da Vinci Code movie but I’ve never watched anything so boring. Unbearable.

  3. Maybe that’s what the conference was about? ‘How to write pretentious crap with no content whatsoever’…? (But then again, maybe it’s just me and my materialist disease scoffing at spiritual wisdom.)

  4. Pregnant midwives? Hey, where does that leave us guys? I mean it is possible to have a guy midwife, but pregnant? (On the other hand, with our rich and diverse transgendered community here in Los Angeles, anything one gender can do, the other one can do better — with the latest medical technology of course.)

    But then I read this

    This is a new sister-brother-hood. It seeks to bring the imagination of the future beyond the narrowness of the present picture by breathing heart heat into the ice of today to create the water of tomorrow…

    and wondered if this might be useful to you Zooey and alfa in Sweden and you Thetis in the UK as you endure what seems to be a new Ice Age. You could use some of that heart heat breathed on you right now. (Hopefully with no garlic breath.)

    But on the other side of the globe, where I am, we have the water, too much of it lately, but when that dries, we’re all set for wildfire season, so any heart heat here will breathe fire into all the dried hills and canyons that didn’t burn up last year.

    Finally, a physics or chemistry question: if water is tomorrow and ice is today, then what is yesterday and where does steam fit in to this scheme?

  5. Why is a walking mood riding on the back of a flaming golden horse from the future? Does this sparkling occasion mark the dawn of equineosophy? If not, this sounds like a peculiar kind of a circus. And I suddenly think of the apocalypse, without knowing why.


    Not equinosophy — yet; rather this is coded Michaelosophy. Whenever you see the phrase “meteoric iron” that always indicates the Archangel Michael, who is the patron saint, I mean guardian of the Youth Movement. They actually have their own meditations directed to the Archangel Michael. (Well, that was 30 years ago. They may have dropped them by now. )

    So this is Michael in his guise as St. George riding on a steed to slay the dragon. Now since Michael is the Archangel of the Sun, and the metal of the sun is gold, then you can see the riding on the horse of the sun. (As a contrast the Archangel ruling as Zeitgeist or time spirit for the 320 years before Michael was promoted to that position in 1879 was Gabriel, the Archangel of the Moon whose metal is silver.)

    Another coded buzz word is the phrase “true name.” That indicates the Holy Grail because those who are called to serve the Grail have their “true names” inscribed on it. And maybe you have your name inscribed on the Grail because it reminded you of the Apocalypse and well it should, since in the Book of Revelation, Michael appears and is named: (Revelation 12:7-9)

    Now war arose in heaven, Michael and his angels fighting against the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they were defeated and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world — he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.

    Interestingly enough, Steiner states that this event took place in 1841 AD and continued until Michael took over as Time Spirit in 1879. So from 1841-1879 Michael was busy casting down the great dragon and his minions to our earth where they inspired materialism and atheism. And that’s why Steiner had to be born right smack dab in the middle of this period in 1861, in order to guide us out of the nasty parts of the Apocalypse which is upon us now.

    So Zo, it looks like you are being called to take part now because you feel a connection to this work. They seek older people so your maturity will help stabilize them.

    This year, therefore, the initiative meeting will seek to expand in accordance with the expansion of the network as a whole. It will open its doors to all – youth, as well as ‘older’ people – who feel a connection to this no-name network.

    This meeting will attempt to consolidate, strengthen and celebrate the existing active network. It will also make space for others who feel connected to this work. We welcome, therefore, everyone who has been to previous initiative meetings, as well as those who’ll be attending for the first time – all present and future initiative takers.

    So I urge you and Mr. Dog to take the initiative and follow the rider on the golden horse. Why it sounds just like Dorothy and her little dog Toto following the yellow brick road, which is really gold!!! It’s your destiny, Zooey. It’s calling you.

  6. Hello Tom! For Dog’s sake re-write their material.

    zooey – It would certainly be better if they calmed it down a bit, it’s attached firmly to the purple-prose of the early 20th century; like a novel read by an overblown female in a PG Wodehouse, Jeeves and Wooster story. But at this point the female concerned is sensibly casting it aside and reading “Knowledge of Higher Worlds”. We join them in the library. Bertie Wooster greets her with surprise:

    “Steady on, old thing: isn’t that bookish ornament a bit theosophical? Don’t let the Vicar see you reading Dr Steiner.”
    “But really Bertie, it’s most consoling. If you get it wrong in this life you can always have another go! And there are archangels, just like in the Bible,”
    “Well, if you say so, Stiffy, though Finknottle’s eurythmists are becoming overbearing. Do they have to practice at dawn outside my window?”
    “Yes, Bertie,”
    “And make that noise like a goose being strangled?”
    “That’s German, Bertie,”
    “Well, confound it. I don’t think I can stand it a moment longer. Jeeves! Let us strike camp and make for… lower ground!”
    “Oh, don’t go, Bertie, I’ve just got to the bit where one meets the Guardian of the Threshold, you might have to hold my hand,”
    “Right-ho, plaintive female. Ugly fellow, is he?”
    “Horrible, apparently. Well, yours would be. Mine would be much nicer,”
    “Threshold of what exactly? Oh, there’s Finknottle, striding over the lawn in a dusky garment. Waving a copper rod…. didn’t see the fish-pond… oh dear. Get him out, Jeeves, there’s a good fellow. Don’t want him thrashing about in there bothering the carp when my foreboding aunt arrives,”
    “Very good, Sir,”
    “And Jeeves, have you any inside knowledge of these German fellows?”
    “No Sir. I believe Mr Finknottle ordered them, from Dornach,”
    “Well he can jolly well send them back. Tut tutting over last night’s Jazzomaniacs Bango Troupe version of ‘Lady of Spain, I adore you’! Practically in tears over the thing!”
    “Indeed, Sir, although it might be pointed out in their defence that the Jazzomaniacs Bango Troupe played that particular song fifteen times,”
    “Oh..Point taken, Jeeves.”
    “..And that not all of the German visitors are fellows,”
    “Really? .. Really? Good heavens. Well, run along Jeeves, there’s a good chap. I mustn’t keep the Guardian of the Doorstep waiting!”

  7. Tom — ‘Pregnant midwives?’

    Yes, I wondered about that. Lots of pregnant people apparently.

    ‘as you endure what seems to be a new Ice Age’

    Ha! Well, the ice age has sort of gone into remission. Before xmas, the tabloids tried to outdo each other with headlines about ‘snow chaos’ and ‘ice chaos’. Today, as I exited the building where I live, I lay my eyes on the tabloid posters, one of which was announcing ‘melting chaos’. I assume ‘melting chaos’ could easily turn into a ‘water chaos’. We’ll have to wait and see.

    ‘They seek older people so your maturity will help stabilize them.’

    Well, they only seek ‘older’ people. One wonders what that means. Is there a difference between older and ‘older’ and does it matter when the spirit is immortal?

    Anyway, what I as far as age is concerned, I lack in maturity. I fear that in me, age correlates negatively with maturity. (That’s why I rely on mr Dog for insights and wisdom.)

    Thetis — Brilliant!!!

  8. Alicia, do you mind if I put this on critics? It is just so screamingly funny, golden horses from the future, pregnant midwives, and twitching eurythmists under the window at dawn …

  9. You reminded me of something I posted on critics ages ago, which I’m taking the liberty to post here, too, hope it’s all right.

    This is from “Regeneration,” the novel about World War I by Pat Barker, about trench warfare-traumatized soldiers in a psychiatric hospital in Scotland (being patched back together so they can return to the front). (I know, this doesn’t sound like it’s going to be funny, but . . .) One of the main characters (based in real life on Siegfried Sassoon) complains because the roommate he is assigned is a “fanatical Theosophist.”

    ” . . . then Fothersgill, Sassoon’s new room-mate, a fanatical Theosophist.

    He spoke throughout in mock medieval English – lots of ‘Yea verilys’ and ‘forsooths’ . . . ”

    “Fothersgill, his long nose twitching fastidiously, had started to complain about the soup. ‘Nay, verily,’ he said. ‘A man knoweth not what matter of thing he eateth.’ He laughed as he said it, the laugh of a man who takes very small discomforts very seriously indeed . . . After dinner [Sassoon] went straight to Owen’s room. ‘Do you mind?’ he said. ‘I’m on the run from Theosophy.’ Owen was already clearing papers from the chair. ‘No, come in.’

    ‘I can’t stay in the same room with him.'”

    (later :)

    [Sassoon requests a room change]

    “‘Look, Rivers, I’ve never asked you for anything. I’ve never asked or
    expected to be treated any differently from anybody else.’ . . . .
    ‘I was going to point out that the man in my room is driving me stark,
    staring mad …’

    ‘That could be grounds for a room change. If true. For you as for anybody else. What does he do? Does he sleep badly?’

    ‘Snores like a newborn baby, if newborn babies snore.’

    ‘So what does he do?’

    ‘Preaches the consolations of Theosophy in his own inimitable brand of
    pseudo-medieval English.’

    ‘I can see that might be irritating. Give me an example.’

    ‘Friend of mine, Ralph Greaves. He’s . . Is! Was a good pianist. He’s just had one arm amputated, and the other’s almost useless. Do you know what Fothersgill said? “It will assist his spiritual development”.

    . . . (snip some further conversation about a room change)

    ‘We had a row this morning. I pointed out the casualties for September were 102,000 – official figures. He said, “Yes, Sassoon, the Celestial Surgeon is at work upon humanity”.

    Rivers sighed . . . ‘What does he think about you? Do you know?”

    ‘I have a disturbed aura. Apparently.’


    ‘Indigo. I’m glad somebody finds it amusing.’

    [the psychiatrist says:]

    ‘I was just thinking how useful it would be. Instant diagnosis . . .”

  10. I love this book. I had missed the theosophy ref though, now I wouldn’t.

    Instant diagnosis, ha!

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