‘Finknottle’s eurythmists are becoming overbearing’

Thetis posted a comment to this post on flaming horses and other spiritual creatures bothering the Youth Section. Now, here’s the comment (you’ll see why it deserves a bit of extra promotion):

It would certainly be better if they calmed it down a bit, it’s attached firmly to the purple-prose of the early 20th century; like a novel read by an overblown female in a PG Wodehouse, Jeeves and Wooster story. But at this point the female concerned is sensibly casting it aside and reading “Knowledge of Higher Worlds”. We join them in the library. Bertie Wooster greets her with surprise:

“Steady on, old thing: isn’t that bookish ornament a bit theosophical? Don’t let the Vicar see you reading Dr Steiner.”
“But really Bertie, it’s most consoling. If you get it wrong in this life you can always have another go! And there are archangels, just like in the Bible,”
“Well, if you say so, Stiffy, though Finknottle’s eurythmists are becoming overbearing. Do they have to practice at dawn outside my window?”
“Yes, Bertie,”
“And make that noise like a goose being strangled?”
“That’s German, Bertie,”
“Well, confound it. I don’t think I can stand it a moment longer. Jeeves! Let us strike camp and make for… lower ground!”
“Oh, don’t go, Bertie, I’ve just got to the bit where one meets the Guardian of the Threshold, you might have to hold my hand,”
“Right-ho, plaintive female. Ugly fellow, is he?”
“Horrible, apparently. Well, yours would be. Mine would be much nicer,”
“Threshold of what exactly? Oh, there’s Finknottle, striding over the lawn in a dusky garment. Waving a copper rod…. didn’t see the fish-pond… oh dear. Get him out, Jeeves, there’s a good fellow. Don’t want him thrashing about in there bothering the carp when my foreboding aunt arrives,”
“Very good, Sir,”
“And Jeeves, have you any inside knowledge of these German fellows?”
“No Sir. I believe Mr Finknottle ordered them, from Dornach,”
“Well he can jolly well send them back. Tut tutting over last night’s Jazzomaniacs Bango Troupe version of ‘Lady of Spain, I adore you’! Practically in tears over the thing!”
“Indeed, Sir, although it might be pointed out in their defence that the Jazzomaniacs Bango Troupe played that particular song fifteen times,”
“Oh..Point taken, Jeeves.”
“..And that not all of the German visitors are fellows,”
“Really? .. Really? Good heavens. Well, run along Jeeves, there’s a good chap. I mustn’t keep the Guardian of the Doorstep waiting!”


4 thoughts on “‘Finknottle’s eurythmists are becoming overbearing’

  1. We love this version of Jeeves and Wooster, so I hope there’s no problem playing it outside the UK. Here, Bertie is puzzling over the generosity of the King of Sweden:

  2. My dad was always crazy for PG Woodehouse novels. Which means I always thought there must be something wrong about them. I’m realizing I was wrong in thinking this.

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