ecswe happily receives support from vladimir putin

Sune Nordwall (and his American alter ego, Robert) tweeted, full of joy I presume,* that Vladimir Putin has expressed his support for waldorf education. Turns out that the European organisation for waldorf education, ECSWE, brags about it on their website. They even display a video.

Anyway, Putin thinks waldorf ‘schools are schools for the future’. Great then. If Vladimir Putin — along with some other corrupt politicians, Berlusconi comes to mind — supports waldorf education, then surely waldorf education must be really magnificent. As for Nordwall, he probably laments not being quite as powerful as Putin. It’s much easier to shut people up when you have, like, a secret police and a military. What amazes me is that the waldorf movement, far from being a safe haven from the worst shit of modern life (as one would expect given their animosity towards modern technology, tv, internet, et c), is so deeply enamoured by its celebrities and their support that they lose all common sense. It’s rather rare — I would guess? — for Europeans to be enravished about approval from Putin.

*It seems he may have reconsidered this, because as far as I could see, when I was about to link to his tweets, they were already gone. But here they are:


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  1. Comment from our clever teenager:
    Putin and Waldorf? Yes, they fit together well, both are concerned with high-level brain-washing!

  2. Not to worry, Zo, it’s all following the Anthroposophical template for human evolution. See, our 5th Aryan culture epoch is also called the “Anglo-Germanic.”

    It began in 1413 AD and will run the usual 2160 years until 3573 AD. Then starts the 6th epoch, which is called “Russian-Slavonic.” So the future of anthroposophy is indeed Russia, and Waldorf schools lead the way into that glorious future.

  3. Tom – it’s only 2011. It’s quite a while till 3573. With all the anthroposophists relocating to Russia so early, wont that leave a hole in the space-time continuum?

  4. Oh, dear Lord … sorry
    Really we must not let him live this one down.
    What’s next, he should maybe keep researching. Did Nicolae Ceauşescu perhaps ever mention Waldorf education? There must be other globally known thugs or dictators who have commented in public on Waldorf education at some time or other.

    Really Sune you do give us some fun times. Vladimir Putin?!

  5. I saw a picture of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (may have the spelling wrong) in the paper today. I thought, maybe? An opportunity for waldorf to spread to the muslim world.

    There was also the Georgian dictator whose name I tried to spell yesterday on Twitter, but I didn’t want to include him in the post because I couldn’t… well, spell his name. Gamsachurdia or something.

    I wish waldorf had been openly supported by a Russian (semi-)dictator when I was a kid. That would have set off the alarm bells for my folks. Especially perhaps my mum and my maternal grandparents.

    ‘Do you think he really thought better of this?!’

    I honestly cannot even imagine what he was thinking.

    Funnily, I noticed this later, he removed his retweets of his Robert-tweets. Though it’s him tweeting as Robert too. Anyway, he removed his retweets, but poor Robert Mays’ original tweets remained. Perhaps ‘Robert’ likes Putin more than Sune does. Or isn’t as easily ashamed. Who knows…

  6. And was Gamsachurdia not in fact an anthroposophist?

    (going with your spelling here … no idea if it’s correct)

    Sune, a missed opportunity!

  7. Yes, he was!

    I remember asking on the list a while ago, and Peter Staudenmaier then wrote:

    ‘Zviad Gamsakhurdia, the first president of Georgia after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, was an anthroposophist. The reason anthroposophists don’t brag about it today is that he is now seen as a dictator, and played a less than honorable war in the civil war that erupted after he was deposed. Some anthroposophists did brag about it at the time, however; the mainstream anthroposophical press in 1991 and 1992 (including Die Drei and other leading anthro journals) carried a number of articles praising Gamsakhurdia. He was an active and outspoken anthroposophist, and fan of social threefolding in particular. You can probably find some of this anthroposophical texts online, extolling the spiritual mission of Georgia and so forth.’
    (See also:

  8. Well then why don’t we counter with Gamsakhurdia every time Sune mentions Jennifer Aniston, or Kenneth Chenault, or John Kerry’s sister who attended a Waldorf school for 6 months in Germany in in 1975 and didn’t know what was going on in class because she spoke no German, but apparently emerged unscathed and has never said anything negative about her time there? (or something like that – I may have those details slightly askew, but seriously it doesn’t matter; reading anything emanating from Sune Nordwall and his three dozen online aliases – male, female, insect, or arthropod – is like falling down a rabbit hole anyway).

  9. Following his pattern, I’ll tweet stuff like:

    ‘Why did brutal dictator Gamsakhurdia support waldorf schools if they are as bad as the crusade, witch-hunt, “raionalist”, “secular” debaters say??’

    You get the idea.

    Yes, that’s what I remember, basically: Kerry’s sister attended a waldorf school in Germany during a very short period when their father was stationed there. She survived, obviously. That’s all there is to say about it.

    (Mr Dog objects that falling down a bunny hole is perfect bliss, thus, as far as he’s concerned, the expression doesn’t work in this context. Let’s call it ‘getting lost in a beehive’ instead. Everybody understands why that is bad, except for the bees themselves.)

  10. Speaking of people who support waldorf or anthroposphy, a friend found a certain Conner Habib who was tweeting about anthroposophy (setting up a study group). Habib is a porn star and ‘[h]e studies anthroposophy, a Western esoteric tradition, as much as he can, and has experienced a lot of truly weird shit from doing so.’ (A wonderful way to put it, I think.) Here’s a link to his presentation:

    I think this will make for a wonderful addition to Sune Nordwall’s lists of celebrities who support anthroposophy!

    Actually, and this is said entirely without any irony, a much better and morally sound support than Vladimir Putin could ever provide.

  11. Actually, on my evening walk, I had something of an epiphany. It just struck me like a lightning bolt what anthroposophy needs for its survival isn’t the fanatical Sunes, it’s a few more porn stars. Well, more to the point, a few more people who don’t live up to the anthro stereotypes and who are willing to proclaim that anthroposophy contains some truly weird shit.

    I mean this entirely without irony, again.

    I think anthroposophy needs to lose that air of perfection. The one Sune tries to breed, but constantly fails because it doesn’t correspond to reality or to what human beings are like. Sune chooses his celebrities carefully. Yet he makes fatal mistakes — as he did last week with Putin.

    Also, out walking, I realized why Sune never ever uses my favourite anthroposophist, Jens Bjørneboe, as an argument for anthroposophy. Bjørneboe clearly supported waldorf education, he was an anthroposophist, and he was a prominent person in Norwegian culture. So why doesn’t Sune use him? He’s the perfect candidate — except for the simple fact he didn’t lead a perfect life. He was an alcoholic, he was depressed, he committed suicide. And, perhaps this is the core issue, he was once sentenced in court for having written a pornographic novel. (Which, apparently, during those days used to be a crime.)

  12. I just posted this to critics. I will repeat myself here!

    You know that the european organization for waldorf education (ESSWE) and Sune were elated to find Putin supporting waldorf education. What you may not know is that it’s all because of the Wax Block’s cultural impulses. Here we have Putin, the Wax Block and a third man, who’s a celebrity of sorts in the news these days, deeply engaged in conversation about the future of waldorf education:


    Well, honestly, I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I assume it’s waldorf education.

    Who says a Wax Block can’t gain political & cultural influence? There’s clearly evidence to the contrary… (And, in case Frank’s listening, I’m sure there’s a pink unicorn hiding under that table.)

    (Wax Block?

  13. Sorry, the image didn’t want to appear at first, but now it’s there. Anyway, what do you think they’re talking about?

    Also — in Stockholm we have SNOW. AGAIN. MORE SNOW. Outrageous. It can’t be happening, I keep thinking. Can’t the Wax Block use its influences in this world and the supersensible world and pray to the weather gods to make this stop??

  14. Welcome, Mike. You are obviously a suave and charming fellow. Let me guess – you’re an anthroposophist, or a Waldorf graduate?

  15. Charming, indeed. Perhaps Mike will be kind enough to tell us whether his superior thinking skills have matured in a waldorf school. Or whether he’s even a first class anthro? Or something less impressive…

  16. I get the feeling that was a drive-by snark attack.

    Maybe it was good, though, as it gives us a chance to re-visit this hilarious thread.

    Let’s not forget this one; it’s likely to come in handy some time when we need to instantanteously discredit Sune. Not that discrediting Sune is hard work – he has such a tendency to hand us these things on a silver platter. But this one’s particularly handy, owing to the entertainment value. Gotta save that pic, too. Along with your caption (“Well, honestly, I don’t know what they’re talking about, but I assume it’s waldorf education”), it’s priceless.

  17. I figure that’s what it is, drive-by snarking.

    I loved the wax block. It must have melted, because I haven’t heard anything about it lately. Nothing new on its website either:

    Bragging about support from Putin… isn’t that a sign of general cluelessness?

  18. …another good reason to return to this post is that I discovered I’m using a word that does not exist in english ;-) (It did sound like a word you could translate directly, but you can’t.)

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