‘unbornness — immortality — reincarnation’

I have found the reason for eurythmy:

We will grasp Anthroposophy’s task when we understand that we must eliminate the abyss separating us from the dead.

It always seemed to me the eurythmists were enacting death and dying whatever they were doing. (Which would also go a long way to explain the high-strung and rather depressed impression one got from waldorf eurythmy teachers.) Steiner Books organizes a spiritual research seminar on ‘unbornness’, immortality and reincarnation in March this year [pdf]. They write:

In addition to immortality, denoting the end of physical life, we need another word that speaks of the eternal, imperishable aspect of the human being … unbornness. For, just as we pass through the gate of death with our eternal, spiritual essence and continue on to another life in the spiritual world — one visible to spiritual investigation — so too, we descend before birth or conception from the spiritual world into physical, earthly incarnation.

Not taking these issues seriously will mean the end of the world.

The time has come when one must live fully into an imagination of the more-than-earthly significance of the human soul. Without such an imagination the culture of the Earth will die.

Rudolf Steiner

gives new meaning both to “immortality,” or life after death, and to “unbornness,” or life before birth. Our seminar this year will explore these interdependent aspects uniting life, death, life after death, and rebirth as a path of knowledge, experience, and practice — one that enables us to re-imagine humanity and the cosmos as a spiritual, evolutionary process.

Michael Lipson, clinical psychologist,

will speak on the presence of the dead in relation to meditation and psychotherapy.

Christopher Bamford, who has written on the topic relationships with the dead, will talk about the

significance of understanding humanity as a single community on both sides of the threshold for the creation of a new, spiritual culture—the future culture of the coming Sixth Epoch.

The events end with a meditation for the dead. Oh, and there’s eurythmy too.

Read pdf-flyer.