’emerging from the fog’ (conference)

Seems more like ‘disappearing into the fog’, but nevertheless, the full name of the conference is ‘Emerging from the Fog: Truth Deception and the Modern Human Experience’ and takes place in the US in February 2011, i e, next month (link):

In all aspects of modern social life, from wall street to the white house, truth with a capital “t” is getting more and more difficult to gauge. Propaganda, cliché, and empty phrases dominate our mainstream airways, headlines and the rest of the information landscape.  And to make matters worse, these dinky skeletons of truth and falsity are upheld by secrecy and deception from those in positions of power and authority. So how do we discern objective truth in this climate?  How can we trust and believe that what a person, newspaper, website, etc is saying is true?   How do we react and respond to phenomena as presented and as we perceive it?

There’s something deeply ironic to all of this, isn’t there?

I note too, with amazement, that one collection of Steiner lectures is republished with a new title: ‘Becoming the Archangel Michael’s Companion’.

The conference is hosted by an anthroposophical youth group, Think OutWord. What they’re actually about and what they do, I don’t know, except that it somehow has to do with Steiner’s concept for society, social threefolding. Reading the presentation leaves me clueless. It seems there is a core group ‘consisting of self-motivated change agents’. Whatever that is. Maybe the ‘change’ is of a supersensible nature. The core group seems to consist of people who have been involved in waldorf education, either as students or teachers. (So much for waldorf education not being a recruitment venue.) The group’s principles [pdf] are quite dopey, or perhaps I should say they are seemingly meaningless.


7 thoughts on “’emerging from the fog’ (conference)

  1. ‘How do I live as an artist in the 21st century’?

    I suppose it depends how good you are at marketing.

  2. And how good an artist you are.

    An additional issue is that mainstream culture still doesn’t seem to appreciate anthroposophic art. Not waldorf school water colour blobs either.

  3. Does the Archangel Michael need a companion? It sounds like a small ad in the lonely archangel section of the Akashic Chronicle.

  4. If he arrives, tell him to leave his sword outside the threshold — to prevent bloodshed in case there’s a fight (you never know with these spiritual types) — and ask him to fold his wings in so he won’t flap someone else’s champagne glass right off the table top.

    And he’d better keep his pet dragon on leash.

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