‘the emperor of atlantis’

The Emperor of Atlantis is an opera by Viktor Ullman, according to an article in The Boston Globe. I don’t know the slightest thing about operas, but something else about Ullman caught my attention:

Ullmann was born in 1898 into a family of Jewish ancestry, though both his parents had converted to Catholicism and they chose to baptize their son. He later studied composition with Arnold Schoenberg and piano with Eduard Steuermann. After serving in the Austro-Hungarian army in World War I, he made his living as a conductor in Czech opera houses, and later worked as a music journalist. Despite his rigorous musical training, Ullmann’s creative focus appeared to drift during the interwar years. At one point, he abandoned music altogether to run a bookstore in Stuttgart devoted to the anthroposophical movement of Rudolf Steiner. At Terezín, however, Ullmann, who was 44 upon his arrival, composed with the intensity of a man with no illusions about his fate, and no time to lament it.

Viktor Ullman was murdered in the gas-chambers of Auschwitz in 1944.