contrary to popular belief

this is neither an anthroposophical fact blog nor a blog critical of anthroposophical garden furniture. Sometimes I just post random junk for the hell of it. Sometimes it has very little to do with anthroposophy or criticism of it. Sometimes it’s just me; it’s just what pops into my head. It’s a fucking blog, not the Encyclopedia Britannica or a minutely researched piece of opinion designed to reveal the occult nature of anthroposophical sofas.

Strangely, but this is true. It’s obvious I need to post more unfounded, not thought through, silly junk and random ideas retrieved from my imagination. If nothing else to deprive people of their illusions.


One thought on “contrary to popular belief

  1. Though in this, as in everything, there is a grain of truth. A grain which has nothing to do with garden furniture. (But maybe that sofa should qualify as art? If so, things change…!)

    Anthroposophy does say that in order for spiritual progression to take place human beings must go through certain things — some of which include suffering on one level or another.

    (Please do exchange the object of the reasoning about the sofa for contagious childhood diseases.)

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