to järna with love (xiii)

A photo series continued.

Sadly, I don’t remember where I shot this pic. I remember, though, that it was quite close to this sign (a knowledge reflected by the fact that the sofa appears just before the sign in the photo folder).

It may not be the most comfortable garden sofa in the world. Something tells me it’s not. But sitting uncomfortably may help your spiritual progression. Next life you’ll spend lying idly on soft, velvet cushions — in a state of sublime spiritual enlightenment. I cannot count on this anyway, since I’m in the process devolving (or turning into a gnome), so I spend this life seeking shallow pleasures. I don’t have the time to sit uncomfortably now, considering that in my next incarnation I may not be allowed to sit at all due to all the bad things I’ve done, said and been in this one. This is why I sat down elsewhere and not on this couch. That, and people working in the garden nearby. The picture lies. The place wasn’t deserted. That’s what I love about pictures. They lie, lie and lie. But they only lie within the constraints of the medium itself. It’s predictable. Pictures fool us, but we know it.

2 thoughts on “to järna with love (xiii)

  1. If a person sits uncomfortably now in order to get to sit more comfortably later, this person would be more likely to be Hindi. We anthros call that spiritual egotism. I’t, generally, not what we do. This is alså why all this criticism misses the mark that insinuates that anthros tace care of the needy in order to “progress spiritually”. That’s just not how we think.



  2. It wasn’t criticism. It was fur the fun of it. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I honestly don’t think anthroposophists build ugly and uncomfortable garden furniture to progress spiritually. It would simply be too boring to offer disclaimers to every crude joke I make.


    ps. your comment was stuck pending moderation, for some reason, and I approved it, then realized you got one comment through, and they seemed identical, so I trashed one of them.

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