medical conferences (2011)

The medical section at the Goetheanum hosts a conference in August/September. On the program, among other topics:

The Expression of the Zodiac and the Planets in the Forms of the Plant Kingdom

Cosmological knowledge of the Human Being and the Concepts of Macrocosm and Microcosm in Anthroposophic Medicine

Very medical and scientific, no doubt. See pdf-flyer. There’s also another conference later in September, but the program isn’t available yet.

In addition, the medical section advertises a conference in May, hosted by Department of Biodynamic Agriculture at Kassel University (a previous post), on the benefits of raw milk (and the risks, though anthroposophists believe more in the benefits… and, as you’ll notice, try to find scientific support for this belief).

There are several local conferences too, among those one in Sweden in June. On the program [pdf]:

Praktische Übungen zur Verbesserung der Wahrnehmungsfähigkeit von Pflanzen und Substanzen

Das metabolische Syndrom und die Entwicklung der Bewusstseinsseele

Substanzen in ihrem Verhältnis zu den Wesensgliedern

Off topic, but did you have any idea that all these eye conditions can be treated with curative eurythmy? This is from the description [pdf] of a therapeutic eurythmy course in January:

mit Grundelementen der Toneurythmie wird gearbeitet an Periphere Netzhautdegeneration, Ablatio, Katarakt, Presbiopie, Glaukom, Augenentzündungen, Trockenheit der Augen, Retinopathia pigmentosa, Maculopathie, Diabetische Netzhauterkrankungen. Es wird auch toneurythmisch an diesen Themen gearbeitet.