cigarettes and wine

Eugene Schwartz will be reflecting on Rudolf Steiner and ‘the intervowen destiny of nicotine, alcohol, and anthroposophy’.

Since the time of the ancient mysteries, toxic substances have played a role in the dimming of ordinary consciousness and the awakening of spiritual faculties. In his lectures on esoteric Christianity and other subjects, Rudolf Steiner indicated that in the modern age substances such as alcohol and nicotine no longer served a spiritual purpose. In tonight’s lecture, Eugene Schwartz examines the interesting ways in which cigarettes and wine have been woven into the anthroposophical movement in the twentieth century, and discusses what we may expect in the twenty-first.

At the Anthroposophical Society in New York this upcoming Saturday.


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  1. All right, Uncle Oy-gen! (I always pronounce his name — to his face — in the German: Eugene Schwarz = OY-ge-neh SHVATZ! I then tell him he’s both Jewish and black! He’s a great guy and should be blogging with us here.)

    I first met Eugene when I lived for 6 months in Spring Valley, NY in 1980. He was a Waldorf teacher then at the Green Meadow School. Besides the Waldorf school there, you also fin the Eurythmy School. And that’s where at least one smoking anecdote will come in.

    In fact I’m glad you gave a heads up on his lecture. I’m going to try to contact Eugene and make sure he gives the proverb I coined in 1980 at the Eurythmy school.

    You may already know about the connection of nicotine and eurythmy. But I was absolutely amazed when I discovered it 30 years ago. While at Spring Valley I got to know some eurythmy students and I was shocked to find them outside the Eurythmy Hall, puffing up a storm of cigarettes. They explained to me that Steiner had said that smoking would help them keep grounded in their bodies after all this strenuous exercises of their etheric bodies which eurythmy provides. So it was an act of duty, indeed, part of the curriculum that they would smoke after every class, rehearsal, or performance.

    So that led to my coining this new proverb:

    “Where there’s smoke, there’s eurythmists!”

  2. It’s Schwartz, isn’t it? I always get it wrong, so I keep thinking what seems wrong because then it’s right.

    I have seen photo evidence of eurythmists smoking. Somewhere. I didn’t think it happened.

    I love cigarette smoke. So much, in fact, I consider beginning to smoke myself. Or just occasionally light a cigarette and smell it. Not that I need it for my etheric body or anything.

  3. may I just post the songs I posted on twitter? I will anyway. Both are by Pink Martini and explore (a) drinking with Eugene:

  4. On the Steiner express train, they aren’t drinking wine anyway. However, someone fell asleep, which is more dangerous really, if you think about it. See pics:

    (At night, the train isn’t running. Obviously.)

    Ha! maybe that’s why I feel this need for cigarettes — my etheric body was damaged by (well, became ungrounded due to) the eurythmy. My craving now is simply an instinct that I need to restore balance!!

  5. Oh, yes!!

    In addition, we’re going to hang around there a lot tomorrow, it’s Rudi’s b-day! And we’re not having water. Drinking water, when you should drink champagne, makes you fall asleep — as evidenced on those photos. Fall asleep on the celebratory train ride?! The only one who ought to be allowed to be drowsy is the wax block: — a very special passenger. It won’t visit the ethereal kiosk anytime soon, thank dog, because it’s having some kind of impulse in Croatia.

  6. It might be an idea to make a wax figure out of it, as in Mme Tussauds in London, if it is not to be accidentally lit like a giant candle.

    Oh, the birthday. I’ll make a cake…

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  8. Hey, not just in Spring Valley. Check out what’s on tap at the Goetheanum today:

    Heute abend ab 19 Uhr in Dornach, Nähe Goetheanum: kleines Salon-Treffen mit Fondue, Wein und Whiskey. Rauchen erlaubt! … ;-))

    This evening at 7 in Dornach, near the Goetheanum: a little salon gathering with fondue, wine and whisky. Smoking allowed… ;-))

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