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I keep falling for photos I considered worthy of going right in the bin. It takes half a year or so. It is very strange. Then I see them in a different light entirely; the only one of these I can remember liking is the last, only because of the colour of the pink tulip on the green background though. (Speaking of light, I’m reading Arthur Zajonc’s book Catching the Light. It truly is a small masterpiece.) It all came about because I looked for a photo of wine or tobacco. I got stuck and had to post the previous post without a photo. I had other things to do, but spent an hour looking at old photos — which means I now have to entertain you (or pester you; you choose) with them. It was inevitable. But because I’m fed up with winter (yes, I am fed up with winter, I liked it, but I’ve had enough of it) there aren’t any new photos. I think there are some in the camera, but I don’t want to see more photos with brown and grey snow, so I’ll leave it. All these photos are old; the most recent one is the one with the glass and snow, I think it was taken early last autumn.


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  1. Well, I can see why you have fallen in love with these.
    The fifth from top reminds me so much of the woods at Altorp in Djursholm with the granite boulders on the forest floor.
    The one just above (Fourth from top) is worthy of any anthroposophical artist in that it (beautifully) includes all the primary and secondary colours! Dear me, that old rascal Lucifer must have been whispering in your ear that day. That blue near the top of it is terrific, -the whole background has the quality of a water-colour painting (akvarell)
    These flowers are a wonderful evocation of summer. I hope you don’t mind but I downloaded copies.

  2. falk: Of course not — and if you’d like larger copies of some photo, just tell me. (These are resized to fit the blog, not even 600 pixels. Which is really small in other circumstances.)

    I think 5th was shot in Lill-jansskogen, in the part of it just south of the university.

    I’ve been in the forest at Altorp a few years ago, but at that time it was snow on the ground. The environment did seem similar to Lill-jans, just a lot more of it. The woods at Lill-jans are so tiny, interspersed with roads, traintracks, et c. (I also used to spend a lot of time during my childhood in Djursholm, not far from the Altorp woods, but I can’t remember going there then. I think my grandfather used to pick mushrooms in these areas.) The forest where my parents used to live, in Bromma, had gigant boulders — lots and lots of them. Some cluster of ice age remains. Beautiful stuff.

    The pink-blue (akvarell-like) one was the one my eyes first fell on today (I looked at another picture I thought might have been tobacco, and this one was in the same bunch), and which made me want to look at old pictures again. Because I realized I hadn’t seen it before. I had looked at it, but not seen it. Probably thought it was too unfocused, or there were too many colours or something. I tend to like the very ‘clean’, simple pictures first, and disregard the cluttered ones. A while later, when I look back, I find the clean pictures too clean — boring!

    I had an other theory I posted on facebook, because someone commented on the forest photos:
    What’s interesting about the first of the forest pictures is that I distinctly remember coming home and being disappointed because there were no good pictures and the light had been so splendid that day. Now I don’t understand where I got that idea from — maybe I compared the photos to reality and they fell short. And now I’ve forgotten what reality looked like that day, so I’m not attached to any mental picture of it, which means the photo looks much more appealing than it did then. (It’s one good reason to not throw pics away immediately it seems!)

  3. margaret: after a while, even if you like it, you just want it to be over… it’s enough, sort of. I quite like cold weather, I don’t freeze, but now one of my heels have cracked from the cold, and then it certainly feels enough… don’t want more freezing temperatures or limping about in awful and heavy winter boots…

  4. If you have time to e-mail me a ‘larger’ copy of the 4th photo, the akvarell, that would be very nice, thank you, alicia.

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