swr radio discussion to steiner’s 150th birthday

A very interesting radio discussion — between Wolfgang Held, Helmut Zander and Heiner Ullrich — aired by SWR two days ago, on Steiner’s birthday, February 25, 2011!


2 thoughts on “swr radio discussion to steiner’s 150th birthday

  1. Not wanting to post a new post for this… but it’s a Swiss TV discussion between Michaela Glöckler, from the Goetheanum (medical section), and a scholar in the field of education (I forgot her name…):

    The latter, whose name I’ve forgot, is critical towards some things waldorf; the former, Glöckler, tries to obfuscate, I feel. In particular when it comes to the spiritual foundation of waldorf. (It’s the usual: anthroposophy isn’t taught, et c.)

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