trauma therapy (‘trauma as a threshold experience’)

Anthroposophic art therapy to help with trauma? Yes, indeed. This art therapy conference (pdf) in January focused ‘on the will aspect in trauma work’.

Lectures and panel discussions will enhance our understanding of the traumatized person’s particular “threshold situation” from a spiritual scientific point of view. How can therapists and physicians consciously help in this situation?

According to Michaela Glöckler, anthroposophic MD, the trauma work ‘depends on the science of initiation’. She was supposed to lecture about ‘trauma as a threshold experience’.

There were several seminars to attend. Among them, one about singing therapy, where ‘[p]erception and exercises on the “inner foundations”’ serve ‘as diagnostic and therapeutic tools.’ Another one focuses on ‘anthroposophic inner development’ as a means to improve the work with ‘soul injury’ — art therapy supposedly builds bridges over ‘[t]ime phenomena that evoke abyss and threshold experiences.’

These are some samples of group work sessions; they include the twelve sense, the four temperaments and the seven life processes:

Perceiving the perceived. Diagnostic picture observation in art therapy: How do we perceive the four levels of observation and the four members of the human organization? How do we recognize the influence of the twelve senses at the four levels of observation? Approaches in the work with traumatized patients.

The four elements. Nature reveals its soul in the four elements; these elementary forces are reflected in the human soul where they “temper” our temperament. By engaging through painting with these outer natural processes we create our own inner world and can then actively return to the world around us. Using particular colour sequences we experience fiery passion, oppressive heaviness, airy lightness and restful movement whilst learning to balance this one-sidedness according to our own temperament. This approach allows traumatized patients to experience, stimulate and strengthen their own will.

Research Group on the seven Life Processes. Awareness of process is vital in therapeutic work with traumatized individuals. Steiner’s contribution in the capitals of the Goetheanum and his presentations of the life processes provide the substance of this understanding. We have so far researched the processes of breathing, warming, and nourishing. This year we will work on secretion; sorting out… discriminating, discerning, decision making, related to the workings of Mars and Sun. Research questions are: How do I engage in this process? How does the client engage in this process? […] Clay modelling.

I particularly like how ‘the workings of Mars and Sun’ are illustrated (or? made relevant, somehow?) through clay modelling. In the general program we find this intriguing lecture:

Remembering the Dead. The light-soul process and the development of our will

There are also lectures about anthroposophic class work and class membership (and the significance thereof) and about finding meaning in traumatic events. And, as already mentioned:

Trauma as a threshold experience

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  1. do I need art therapy to deal with the threshold experiences of my waldorf childhood? ;-)

    i think i’d prefer the colour sequence thingy; it, at least, seems a bit fun. No singing therapy for me, thanks…

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