This morning, I woke up hearing noices… and voices! For a moment, I thought I’d gone mad, but no. Last night, I’d fallen asleep with the door to the balcony open. It can’t have been cold, because I didn’t wake up freezing. All the snow up here, on my balcony, is gone now. Mr Dog and I went on a long walk in the afternoon.

Returning from the walk, 5 pm

Rosendal is pretty deserted during late March afternoons

My mother’s tulips


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  1. I have +15 degrees C on my balcony this afternoon. Not too bad! A welcome change to the endless months of ice and snow. (Which, I say it again, I liked in the beginning, though not so much by the end of February ;-))

  2. The first image has beautiful subtle colours on the underside of the clouds. I love the way the low sun is picking out all sorts of detail on the boats and the quay on the right.

    In the second image it is the way the snow is picking up the colours from the sky that I particularly like, and the mass of dark trees isn’t completely uniform, so there is depth as well as a powerful graphic quality.

    The grey tulips would be worth a fortune.(I know they aren’t really grey!) They remind me of Evabritt Strandberg singing ‘Jag Minns’.

  3. Maybe the voice(s) you heard in the morning was your guardian angel saying, ‘get up there is great beauty out here waiting for you and Mr Dog.’

  4. Thanks, falk!

    The tulips were red, but I felt they didn’t agree with the background, so I had to turn to b/w or move the tulips elsewhere!

    In case my guardian angel sings happy birthday in some apartment with an open window, your hypothesis is possible ;-)

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