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(Sorry, coming up with post titles is hell sometimes.) Worth watching is this TV report on Steiner and anthroposophy. Interviews with Helmut Zander and Bodo von Plato.


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  1. Zander looks warm and humorous and clever – I don’t speak German but I think I got his drift, after all that reading. Von Plato looks haunted, as if he has been chased down the long corridors of his own mind by a wailing phantom in a eurythmy gown.

  2. The poor guy may have been, actually. It’s part of the anthroposophical experience ;-) (phantoms, scary beings and forces, eurythmists…)

    He says he doesn’t want a sectarian or authoritarian anthroposophy. I don’t remember exactly now. He’s quite nice, but Zander is nicer.

  3. I’ve seen them both considerably more relaxed. von Plato came off as being rather uptight here, or at least troubled. In real life, he’s pretty charming. And his eloquence is outstanding. A strikingly beautiful and sincere person.

    Zander is pretty much himself. His 1800 p book does contain some flaws and misconceptions but is very much worth reading, for anyone interested in RS.

  4. ‘flaws and misconceptions’ – now you would say that, wouldn’t you? I’m sure that in any long work there are plenty of flaws but on the whole I get the impression that since Zander at least takes anthroposophists seriously, he is kinder than most scholars would be.

    I have no problem with von Plato’s sincerity as long as he also argues for keeping anthroposophy out of schools and away from vulnerable adults.

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