This is from a recent anthroposophical publication (‘being human’). It starts with a quote by author and anthroposophist Andrei Belyi.

‘“He had, as it were, a therapeutic smile: the countenance blossomed… One felt that one had nothing of the kind to give in return. He had the gift of the smile, the faculty of direct expression from the heart… His smile could have had a smothering effect had he not tempered it down when necessary. Many know his sunny smile; we spoke of it. One must speak about it, for not a single photograph of his reflects it.”

‘This latter sentence has bothered us anthroposophists ever since we realized this sad fact. An old anthroposophist told me that there was an esoteric reason for Steiner’s deliberate non-smiling poses, but I do feel that we have lost a wonderful aspect of him because we have never seen his smile. We have a faint glimmer of the angelic charm of his smile in this sole photograph from Steiner’s childhood, which was taken when he was about six.’

Souce [pdf]. (The rest of the article is about archangels.)


3 thoughts on “smile

  1. Wow ,

    Smiley Steiner! But check out his feet! He’s wearing what looks like cowboy boots to me. But read on past the smile. This is an anthrill-packed issue! For example, how would you answer this question posed at the end of the Smile article?

    And so dear reader—with which archangel do you feel most connected? Perhaps you too have gone through periods in your life where you felt more connected to one than the others and now feel more connected to a different one. It is good to ponder these things. It may help our community realize which spiritual being and impulse we are working with most.

    (The choices are: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel)

  2. Looks like big shoes for such a small child. I love that he’s holding a stuffed toy dog in his hand.

    I did ponder the question but came to the conclusion that I’m closer to Ahriman.

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