I like this. Michael Ronall, To His Pedagogic Mistress.


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  1. I think that guy was on the critics list years ago.

    “Cogently retraces migraines to indiscretions Hyperborean” LOL

  2. Aliicia,

    A few weeks back you highlighted his 3 lectures at the Fellowship Community in Spring Valley, NY


    Unveiling the sources of our personal connections can strengthen our meetings within daily life—the modern mystery temple. But initiation-science exacts a price for the deeper satisfactions its revelations promise: an accelerated encounter with the veiled consequences of our own actions. By cultivating a responsive appreciation for all one’s surroundings, anthroposophical self-development leads its practitioners into closer relations with others. Such deepened engagement entails harsh meetings with imperfection, both theirs and our own. Fruitfully resolving the resulting conflicts requires enhanced powers of endurance to accompany refined sensitivities. On three afternoons, we will consider some interpersonal implications of anthroposophical inner work.

    – January 23 – What are we really asking of one another? Principles of social life in The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity: The nature of human encounter through Rudolf Steiner’s unconventional analysis of consciousness.

    – January 30 – How can one person’s strenuous meditative schooling benefit his neighbors? Practices for social life in concentration, meditation, and the accompanying exercises: Building objectivity, empathy, and balance.

    – February 6 – Why are we at a loss for meaning in our sufferings and satisfactions? Consequences in social life through karma and reincarnation studies: Understanding the laws of metamorphosis turns inside-out our superficial interpretations of social events.
    Michael Ronall has been meditating on social life for 35 years. He has been advised to give it a rest and get out more often.

  3. ‘A few weeks back you highlighted his 3 lectures …’

    It will soon be impossible for me to cover up my early onset senile dementia, LOL!

  4. The link doesn’t work anymore, Tom.

    (Neither does my brain, apparently; did I write a blog post about this? I have vague memories of lectures on karma and meaning.)

  5. Aha! But the link does work if you go back to your original article and click on your formatting! Now that’s karma. Glad I could help you face it. That means I merit a decrease of 3 degrees Celsius in my Kama Loka ambient temperature.

  6. I think the search box used to have the text SEARCH above it or in it. I don’t know where it went. I’ll try to get it back there. Anyway, there’s one problem with that search. It won’t search within comments! It only finds what’s in posts. This is highly annoying, actually. It means if one needs to find something, for reliability the only option is google.

    Yes, there’s something wrong with the pdf-document. When I look at it, I can see all the text but it changes font in a very ugly way. I think that’s where you have a box obscuring the text. Perhaps a picture ‘clashes’ with the text parts of the page, I don’t know. It’s a pity. It’s really worth reading.

    Try copy the poem and paste it elsewhere. Or perhaps try open the document in google docs instead?

    (If if doesn’t work, tell me.)

  7. Damn, the poem is so funny, and it’s such a pity you can’t read all of it Thetis, because this means others probably can’t either. And, on my computer too, the poem looked ugly, even if I could read it (strangely — today it looks normal, it didn’t yesterday). I hope they’ll fix this?

    It’s not available elsewhere, and not as google html-preview either. I probably shouldn’t do this, but it IS such a pity you can’t read it. So:

    I’ll happily remove it when/if they fix the pdf-file.

  8. You might be interested in some history here. This is Tarjei’s page from 1999 about his kinship with Michael Ronall, who began posting against the critics for the first time back then.

    TARJEI in 1999: I deliberately allowed myself to become very challenging and almost hostile in this dialogue in order to show the critics that anthroposophists are not brainwashed cult-followers programmed to think alike. Michael Ronall became one of my most staunch supporters and even sent me some interesting material by regular mail – a gesture for which I am still grateful.

  9. ‘ in order to show the critics that anthroposophists are not brainwashed cult-followers’

    To this I would say: some anthroposophists are. Those anthroposophists are causing the cult-problem. I don’t believe critics think all anthroposophists are brainwashed cult-followers. It’s just that the brainwashed cult-followers are the anthroposophists we usually encounter. You wouldn’t see Sune playing about with anthroposophy. Ever.

  10. I agree with that – ridiculous to think anything else. Uncle Tarjei is the only member of his own club, as far as I can see.

  11. Alicia,

    I’m still tracking down stuff on Michael Ronall and I came across this June 2009 newsletter of the AS in North Carolina.

    Michael attended a meeting of the Eastern Regional Council of the AS about Communications in and with the Society — itself a funny and ironic topic, but the comment someone made after Michael triggered an old memory of needing to inform you about possibly the greatest TV event in anthroposophy to date.

    Michael Ronall asked if the Society is on U-Tube yet. The response was that there is very little, but one can find Eugene Schwartz lectures there. One member told about a very amusing Dutch Gong show-type TV show he found on U-Tube that asked the participants questions about Anthroposophy.

    You see, I’m 99% sure this is a garbled report of the serious TV Quiz Show — not a silly Gong Show type — that was not on Dutch TV but on German TV.

    And the Anthro on the show was none other than our favorite gay Anthro caballero, Jens Prochnow, and not only was he on the show, he fucking WON the quiz, making it through all 4 rounds of elimination, finally beating out the other 3 contestants — all the questions for him being about Steiner and anthroposophy!!! The clips are still up on YouTube, and I really would like to put up English subtitles for Jens’ tour de force appearance.

    It was March 2002 and the game show is called Risiko and it’s a bit of a takeoff on our American “Jeopardy,” though I like this Kraut format a lot better.

    Here’s the 4th round episode where Jens wins it all!


    Look at all 4 videos and let’s see if we can come up with a way to publicize this accomplishment of Jens, even though it was 9 years ago.

  12. Yep, I watched this game show with delight.

    There was also an entry and a rather long comment thread on the old Info3 website. I remember reading it long ago.

    The other contestants were asked questions about their chosen topics, though, not anthroposophy. I watched some of that too, and these questions were so difficult. The anthro questions were much easier. May be because I have no clue about football or trucks (or whatever the questions were about).

  13. But Alicia, none of your charming carping about it matters because nobody in the English speaking world knows about it and it’s such an oddity even in Germany. If Anthros knew about it, they could make Jens’ answers part of a teaching curriculum at “Waldorf Seminaries.” Plus, we could send it to SWSF as an example of how German anthroposophy delivers on Public Relations. Use your Waldorf-squelched imaginiation to think up ways we could approach this zany phenomenon.

    Like for SWSF, I would like to do actual voice dubbing instead of captioning. ou could help me with deciphering the German from the sound track.

    I might like to introduce Jens to SWSF as the author of the serious Anthro study “Wie Schwul war Steiner?” (“How Gay Was Steiner?)

    Damn! He sent me a copy years back which I started to translate but then lost it all in a computer crash. I’ll get in touch with him on FB.

  14. Intriguing. I’d like to read it. If I’m to speculate, Steiner was a little bit gay, meaning he wasn’t 100% straight. Not that I’m sure if anyone is.

  15. What’s so funny about Jens title is the same as asking a teen-aged girl who just passed a pregnancy test. Her boyfriend asks her: “Well just how pregnant are you?”

    Of course he means : “How far along are you?” However, the logic of the matter is either you are pregnant or you are not.

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