whisky under the stars

There’s not only biodynamic wine these days, but spirits too. No, not those spirits from the higher plane. Well, possibly those too. At least, with this beverage, you might ‘see’ them. I suppose this is progress, anthroposophically speaking?

Single malt is enjoyed by Hollywood stars, astronauts may reach for stars, drunks may even see them, now the greenest whisky ever made is distilled under the influence of stars.

The world’s first ever biodynamic whisky has been distilled at Bruichladdich Distillery from barley sown, grown and harvested according to an astral calendar.

Biodynamic Bruichladdich is über-organic, the barley being grown according to the controversial agricultural principles of the messianic Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).

Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, educationalist, spiritualist and lecturer, is considered the ‘Galileo of organic science’; to critics, he was just a cosmic nutter.

Read more about the Demeter whisky.


5 thoughts on “whisky under the stars

  1. Out here in Cali. Bio Dynamic bud is already being grown and groomed. It’s about picking your poisons and lecture cycles that meet your needs, and being honest about it.

  2. That’s cool. I found the website/blog of the biodynamic cannabis association earlier today. It would be illegal in Sweden, so I can’t try farming it ;-) (I bought tobacco seeds in the shop at the biodynamic gardens here though. I’ve planted them, and they’re sprouting happily right now. They’re intended for the balcony and not for consumption. But I like how they look.)

  3. One day there won’t be any biodynamic veggies and grains anymore. All the biodynamic farmers will have abandoned the mundane crops in favour of more profitable ones, i e, narcotics, alcohol and tobacco. I can see this, very clairvoyantly.

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