i’ve seen…

… meadows of wood anemones and these yellow flowers used in the anthroposophic remedy Cardiodron — sorry the English name escapes me. An lots and lots of wild orchids. Purple and yellow. Mr Dog is exhausted; I am too. Swedish weather is perfect; summer has arrived, temperature is just right.
More later!
Ps. I used a photo of the yellow flowers in a blog post a few days ago. It’s probably still on the front page.


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  1. The remedy is called Cardiodoron from two Greek words “kardia” = heart and “doron”= gift.

    Actually a number of anthroposophical remedies are “gifts.”

    (Pardon me here while I make a pun that only fellow German speakers like Alicia can understand, since “Gift” in German means “poison.”)

    For example, one remedy that I took years ago was Hepatodoron which means “gift for the liver.” I’m still alive so I guess my liver was grateful for the gift.

    Check out the Anthro Med Library results of this clinical test:
    Rhythmologic Studies of Cardiodoron Given to Healthy Subjects
    employing “Acute subcutaneous administration of Cardiodoron 5%”

    BTW, in researching hepatodoron just now, I found this treatment for a man with AIDS, suffering from the characteristic pneumonia and Kaposi’s sarcoma. They claim that the curative eurythmy cured his pneumonia. (Case 3 of 5)

  2. Tom — it is the same in swedish: gift actually means poison. It is one of these words one must be vigilant not to confuse. To give someone gift in swedish is potentially dangerous ;-)

  3. The wild orchids are called Dactylorhiza sambucina. I had some issues capturing them on photo — they are technically on someone else’s property and if you sneak around, mr Dog easily gets the idea we are looking at invisible bunnies which is incredibly exciting. ‘Don’t bark’, I tell him. ‘It scares away the bunnies!’ To no avail. He is convinced we are on the most epic bunny hunt ever. He finds it utterly unbelievable that someone could be looking at orchids.

  4. According to a book I am looking in now, cowslip tablets could be purchased in swedish pharmacies fifty years ago. It is listed as nontoxic plant in this book. It is quite old though.

  5. The wild orchids are called Dactylorhiza sambucina.

    More word play: “orchid” derives from:

    “ORCHIS” the Greek word for . . . “testicles” (sometimes “ovaries”)

    Thus the next time you compliment someone on their beautiful orchids — or they compliment yours — please stifle your giggles (unless you’re hoping for an “ice-breaker,” as it were!)

    Turning it around, there used to be a solemn and important ceremony in the Vatican that took place right after every new Pope was elected. Since women are not allowed to be priests, let alone Pope! then the new Pope had to prove his manhood. He would be sat about 6 feet in the air on essentially an elegant toilet seat. Each Cardinal had to pass underneath and verify the maleness of the new Pope by speaking the following Latin phrase:

    “Testiculos habet, et bene pedentes,” which I could easily translate as:

    “He’s got orchids and they hang well.”

  6. Oh Dog! Now that — testicle gazing — is an activity which befits the vatican. It is ridiculous enough.
    I did once have an orchid (plant) — cultivated, exotic variety; not wild, nordic (obviously) — but it died.

  7. I did once have an orchid (plant) — cultivated, exotic variety; not wild, nordic (obviously) — but it died.

    Let it not be construed from this statement that you are a “castrating female.” (Though Sune may harbor such anxieties.)

  8. Well, all my houseplants die, so i suppose, in a way, i am castrating them. And worse. No plants left is bad for bees — an indirect castration (anyway, do drones breed?) — but i haven’t managed to kill all of nature yet. But i am bad for domestic plants. (I wonder if Thetis willl think of dr House-plant now?)

  9. there’s a possible ghastly truth here somewhere. I think it’s best not to dwell on it. More tea, Vicar?

  10. Tom — because i dont have any plants towards which he can direct his attention? Noticed how he popped in here the other day, said one word and then left? I will never understand bees. But perhaps he’s looking for flowers. And i only have pics. Oh!!! Maybe he thinks steiner was a flower? I wonder what kind. Poisonous? No probably not. But something weird. Which flower is the most peculiar?

  11. Thetis — thank dog anthroposophists don’t entertain such ideas. A testicle-checking procedure at the Goetheanum! *shock*

  12. Thetis! Somewhere you mentioned “Nirvana” and that somehow inspired a limerick. Or maybe it was tea with the vicar that caused it. As well as Madonna going kaballistic, maybe. Anyway, here is the fresh new limerick:

    There once was a girl named Madonna,

    who was desperately seeking nirvana,

    So she read Rudolf Steiner

    in her favorite recliner

    while smoking the best marijuana.

  13. very funny. And quite possible too, since her dreams of Kabbalah seem to be turning to ashes.

    How do you tell though which is the best marijuana? The first class stuff? I expect you’d have to grow it biodynamically.

  14. Yes, of course, Thetis. It must be biodynamic. It’s a lot more potent. Due to cosmic forces and the work of spiritual beings (gnomes peeing on the plants, we presume, mr D and I).

    Good limerick, Tom.

    Madonna is a weird case. I remember seeing something about her spiritual ‘journeys’ on twitter, but can’t remember what it was (I was going to look at the link later, but of course I forgot about it).

  15. ‘That same Daily Mail article recounted how Madonna was also called blasphemous for her 1989 video “Like a Prayer,” which included statues crying tears of blood.’

    The blasphmeous days were certainly preferable…

  16. OMG, Alica! I have got to introduce Madonna to Judith von Halle!!! You see, Judith parents are Jewish!!! This cognitive dissonance about Judy really threw me because up until she came down with the Stigmata, I had assumed it was a Catholic thing. Now with Madonna, I could combine her esoteric Jewish leanings with a bona fide Jewess in Berlin who has the Catholic Stigmata.

    Hey, it’s only a hop skip and a jump for me to go from the San Fernando Valley here over the hill into Beverly Hills where her Kabballah Center is.

    Madonna would make the perfect Anthroposophist! I think it’s my destiny to convert her, or be arrested trying!

  17. Why go all the way over Madonna? Judith v Halle could join the secret but true clique of anthroposophy — I know the ‘facts’ from Souls of Terror, of course. It could be exciting enough without an old pop star. And Madonna never had the stigmata. Or live without food.

  18. It’s just that we need an American counterpart for Judith. Madonna is perfect for the role. And who knows, maybe Madonna could develop the Stigmata and start healing people at her concerts. Then she could team up with Judith at the Goetheanum.

    (I think Judith is moving from Berlin to Arlesheim, where the billionaire Anthro Goetz Werner is financing her new healing clinic or something similar.)

  19. Healing clinic? Ha! That’s something for someone who can’t stop herself from developing wounds — if the story is to be believed. If anthroposophists are investing in a stigmatist’s (can you say that?) healing clinic, they’re out of their minds.

    The problem with Madonna is that she’s not particularly interesting anymore. Her career ended 20 years ago. Boring.

  20. The problem with Madonna is that she’s not particularly interesting anymore. Her career ended 20 years ago. Boring.

    All the more reason she would embrace anthroposophy.

  21. It’s win-win for both. A symbiosis. They are both faded pop stars long past their prime, so Madonna could teach anthroposophists better ways to live off past glory.

  22. Well, you have a point, I suppose. But I had assumed anthroposophy wanted to reincarnate to a whole new glory. It may have to excarnate first, of course.

  23. Exactly! That is the Great Irony of Anthroposophy (GIA). You see, according to Rudolf Steiner himself, the whole point of reincarnating is to break the previous karmic patterns that locked you up in one life. Thus you must excarnate, which shatters and scatters your karmic crap to the ends of the universe, then you regather a whole new body according to your karmic template and attract toward yourself new crap but in a different form. For example, he said Beethoven would not come back as a composer or have anything to do with music in his new life. Instead he would probably be an architect.

    That’s why the best thing that has happened — and is still happening — to anthroposophy today is its utter denigration, desecration and all around pulverization by the Critics. Only by breaking the old pattern of inherited anthroposophy can it ever return in a slightly more upgraded form. But just look at all the people who cannot accept its necessary destruction — start off with Sune and just go down the line of fanatical defenders, who are actually make themselves the very obstacles to whatever good future there may be in and with anthroposophy.

    So of course with defenders like these, who needs enemies? On the other hand, the really good enemies of anthroposophy today are actually making the world a better place for Steiner in the future.

    I once had the last word at a long faculty meeting when I taught at HH years ago. The meeting was a special one to help improve the school. I hadn’t said a word all day long, so finally at 3 minutes to 6 PM, with everyone chomping at the bit to go home, the moderator asked me to say something.

    I said: “You know the story about Buddha, that ‘if you meet the Buddha in the road, kill him!’ I bring that up to date here by saying: ‘if you meet Rudolf Steiner at a Waldorf School, kill him!'”

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