the gnome factor

Watching some parts of the Eurovision Song Contest — yes, oddly enough, I happened to catch a glimpse even though the music is horrible — I was surprised to see how the contestants from Moldova resembled the gnome couple we met on the island a few days ago when out on a walk.

Just look at the gorgeous hats and compare them yourselves! I’m disappointed the gnomes didn’t win, but still, this shows that gnome culture has had an impact on popular culture.

So, do you think the gnomes we met are relatives or friends of the Moldavian band or have they simply fallen for the latest hat trend among gnomes? And is this trend to be interpreted as a challenge to waldorf teachers — as though the gnomes were taunting them: ‘We have this HUGE hats, but you can’t catch us anyway — you can see us, but we won’t let you touch us, nananana!’ And then they take their taunt (including a song that would never be allowed in a waldorf school) to a stage in Düsseldorf, to a really big event, aired on the most ahrimanic medium ever: television! They are cunning, the gnomes. They really are.


4 thoughts on “the gnome factor

  1. Wow, Alicia, maybe we should consult Conner Habib about this phenomenon. It looks like the contestants from Moldova display a fully aroused state of tumescence, while the gnomes on the island seen rather droopy or flaccid (not to mention uncircumcised!)

    Hmm, maybe a possible ad campaign for a spiritually potentized Viagra remedy from Weleda?

  2. Don’t you think the difference of appearance could be due to the fact that I met them in their natural habitat while, on stage, they have make-up and perhaps they have had their hats prepared with starch or something.

    Yes! The All-Natural Spiritual Viagra! Approved by gnomes with large hats!

  3. Well, that leads me to an upgrade of the famous line from Mae West”

    “Sonny, is that a pistol in your pocket? Or are you just glad to see me?”

    Now she could say to the gnome:

    “Gnomy, is that starch in your hat? Or are you just glad to see me?”

  4. If mr Gnome meets a waldorf teacher, it might be fear not happiness. We all know what waldorf teachers do with gnomes. Try to bring them into the classroom and/or subject them to all kinds of torture. Which, understandably, gnomes hate.

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