I took lots of pictures of tulips this evening. More of them will be posted here on the blog too. But this is one. Because of the colours.

I’ll copy what I wrote on Facebook, about another tulip picture I just posted. Because I think this is significant. I realize this has a lot to do with why I like Rosendal so much:

… something I like about the biodynamic gardens (Rosendal) is the completely anarchistic approach to planting tulips. Other gardens plant one type tulip in one flowerbed. Perhaps two (kinds of tulips). Colour-matched. But no, not here. They’ve thrown together all types of tulips they could find, all colours mixed together. Completely disorderly. And magnificent.

— Maybe not all tulips they could find, and maybe not all colours they could find either. But there’s a certain blodness in the composition — if you could call it that — rarely seen elsewhere.


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