tulips v

While waiting for the rapture, one can at least ponder some of this earth’s pre-rapture beauty, which I attempted to capture earlier this week. (The tulip season seems to be over now.) This first one’s for the light (the golden fluff is indeed sunset or its reflections).

The last one is also for the light, the shower of light!


4 thoughts on “tulips v

  1. Thank you!

    The light coming in from the right on the last photo kind of reminds me of some rapture pics now that I think of it… But the poor tulips are raptured every year ;-)

  2. It is lovely the way the tulip cups seem to be holding the light in the last one. They are all beautiful. Fills me with rapture, – though I stiill seem to have my arthritis in my spine, knees and left hamd. (Must be a mistake somewhere!)

  3. Thanks! Surely a mistake — or you were raptured but didn’t go to heaven. Reassuring that the other place isn’t much worse than earth though ;-)

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