evening walk, june 15 (photos)

11 pm

We hoped to see the lunar eclipse. Well, correction, I hoped to see the eclipse, mr Dog hoped to see bunnies. He saw imaginary bunnies (if not real ones), but I didn’t see the eclipse. First it was too cloudy, but just in time the clouds evaporated. Then, however, I realized that light summer nights don’t allow for moon gazing. At 11 pm, it was still way too light, and the moment of the eclipse had passed.

It was a lovely night anyway, a cold night, but I like cold summer nights. The roses blossomed in the rose garden. It had rained. In the orchard, the trees are bearing fruit — albeit unripe and very very tiny. In the background, of the first picture below, is the vineyard.

I can’t say why the next picture appealed to me, but it did. In a mysterious way.


5 thoughts on “evening walk, june 15 (photos)

  1. woof! These pictures make me wish I was in Sweden right now. the colours are wonderful, and I can imagine the freshness of the air.

    I am not sure if the total eclipse would have been visible as far north as Stockholm.

  2. Very fresh air, indeed. Nights after rain are the loveliest.

    And the roses have a lovely scent; I don’t have the nose of a dog, so I have to get pretty close to the roses to feel it.

    It was supposed to be visible, I think, but the eclipse was at its fullest at 22.13 pm. The skies were way too light still. Also, there were clouds lingering here and there, and they might have eclipsed the moon, because I couldn’t see it at all. I might have been looking in the wrong direction, of course. And the moon was supposed to stand very low on the sky at this moment, so maybe it was below a line of trees somewhere.

  3. I do love the light nights. Such a contrast to the pitch-black winters. These summer nights are perfect for the eyes. It’s light enough now, at 1.30 am. It’s just wonderful.

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