june photos

I’m looking through photos. These are from the beginning of June.

Iris and snail.

A spider being? Scary! (Thinking of Prokofieff.)

Plants from outer space.

Looks a bit like the sun.

Iris with mohican hair style. Or is it a beard?

This one wasn’t really sharp, but I was fascinated by the colours. I have no idea what kind of flower this is! It also looks like something from outer space. Or from the old Atlantis! The following are from a later date in June, about a week ago.

It’s a peony. (I think.)



6 thoughts on “june photos

  1. These are wonderful. The transparency of the Iris petals really makes them light up. I am not sure if that is a peony, I thought the petal is larger but I may be wrong. You seem to be able to focus well. Have you adapted to the glasses?

  2. Kalle & Falk — thank you!

    It’s true it might not be a peony; I guessed, and it can be pretty much anything… I don’t really remember what it looked like either.

    As for the glasses — no, not really. The new ones — I got them a few weeks ago — are a lot stronger, because my skewing was (is) getting worse. I skew with them on, and taking them on and off is awful, makes me dizzy, so I don’t use them outdoors. And the eyes get tired almost instantly, so focus is a lot of guesswork. On the red flower (the peony that wasn’t), I aimed at the insect, but it’s unfocused. I had shot several pictures of it but the other ones were even more unfocused… (It’s a good thing that, with digital cameras, you can take as many photos as you like without ruining yourself…)

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