disembodied footsteps

Disembodied footsteps have been observed on the stairway at the Tamarack Waldorf School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Disembodied voices have also been reported. Doors open and close without explanation. Some have reported seeing strange spectral images in the bathroom mirrors as well.

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Are they sure the disembodied footsteps don’t belong to eurythmists? … And, come to think of it, doesn’t speech formation sound just a bit disembodied? I can photograph spectral images in my hallway mirror, by the way. There is one of myself and an unknown ghosts on my Facebook site. I’m not going to post it here, because then everybody will assume it’s of my dark, demonic spirit peeking over my shoulder.

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  1. Just posted about this on WC

    Alicia speculates that the disembodied footsteps are simply those of eurythmists and remarks on the inherently disembodied nature of speech formation. All very plausible.

    However, for me, the explanation lies in the location: Milwaukee Wisconsin. Who is about to arrive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to assume his duties as a professor of history at that bastion of Jesuit Catholic education, Marquette University?

    Yes, Peter Staudenmaier. These ghostly apparitions and poltergeist activities at the Waldorf school are simply the advance guard of Peter’s fiendish entourage of atheistic ghosts, hobgoblins, sprites, elfs, maybe even smurfs of the dark ahrimanic sub-elemental kingdom he serves.

    Are you listening, Dottie? This is serious and it’s time to sent a Michaelic exorcism team to Milwaukee and clear out that Waldorf School before the Pied Piper digs in and works to corrupt a whole new generation of impressionable American Catholic students.

  2. Brilliant thinking! There must be a connection. I’m sure of it. Coincidences like these don’t just happen unless it’s karma, and thus not coincidental at all!

  3. ROFL, yes, “disembodied footsteps” sounds like just a synonym for eurythmists to me!!

  4. I think it does too! In fact, I remember a whole lot of waldorf teachers whose footsteps seemed somehow dismbodied.

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