night rises

‘I’ve always felt that night doesn’t fall; night rises.’ — That’s from an interview with James Turrell (whose work is exhibited in Järna right now) in the American magazine aptly named Interview. He talks about art, light, flying and the Quakers. Worth reading. (‘I should have been a Pharaoh. That would have helped.’) The photo above shows night falling — or rising! — over the Stockholm archipelago and our cliffs and fox-gloves. End of June, some time past 11 pm.


I also want to say I’m aware that I have unanswered emails; I have neglected the blog, too, lately. Things are better, but not exactly splendid. Today I wanted to prioritize an update with further comments on a recent debate about anthroposophical measles advice (it should have been written days ago). Though I spent most of the day reading a wonderful book, and wrote the update later. And yet again postponed everything else.


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