They were suspicious about our presence, didn’t want to talk to us. We think the sheep herding dog might have told them not to trust other dogs. Or the outside world. In fact, he might have created his own little religious cult — with sheep as blind followers! They are sheep, after all. But what would a canine guru do with a flock of sheep? We don’t know.

(Yes, we were standing on the other side of the fence…)


5 thoughts on “sheep

  1. Thank you. Somehow these sheep look like they could need just that: a spiritual master. Or any master, really. Possibly because they appear so daft and sheepish. Waiting for the guru dog, obviously.

  2. Well, there is plenty to be said about people behaving like sheep and following spiritual masters, gurus, Popes, Elders, politicans etc.

  3. Oh, there certainly is…

    I have the impression that goats are more independent and eccentric. These sheep kept looking at each other, looking daft, looking at us (intruders!! suspicious!!), and while doing so tripping over each other not being able look, walk and think (?) simultaneously… and in the end none of them went anywhere, they stood in the same place as when we arrived, huddled together and looking sheepishly at each other. Somehow shaken by the realization that there’s a world outside of their flock. (These are city sheep; they’re used to people. But still!)

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