the anthroposophical library

The anthroposophical library in Ytter-Järna. It is not a library anymore. The library closed less than a year ago, but the building was designed as a library. Its purpose was to be a library. Surprisingly, anthroposophical literature is not too popular in Ytter-Järna.

The very special anthroposophical lamps; made from wood and cotton. My mother bought similar lamps; she forced me to have one in my room, when I was a child. I hated it, it reminded me of school. I don’t think they’re so horrible now, but they still remind me of something I don’t really like. Our lamps looked exactly like these, but they were obviously smaller; for home-purpose, not library sized.

I have no excuse for this picture except liking the window. I want a window like that. The shape, the depth, the dark marble (I believe it’s marble — though I don’t know).

The fire-place and the mezzanine bannister. Difficult light.

Text: ‘The library 1972’. Like a tomb-stone, it ought to read: ‘The library 1972 – 1911’.