thank you ahriman, please sit down

This old newsletter from the Social sciences section at the Goetheanum offers a highly useful guide to dealing with Ahriman (and Lucifer, but focus seems to be on Ahriman). Here’s a part of the introduction (p 18)!

Remember to watch out for ‘pickle-jars’, that is, universities and libraries and lawyer’s dossiers. Ahriman might want to bury us in paper! (Read more on p 22.) Great advice on p 27 though: always tell the truth. Advice anthroposophists follow. Except when they don’t. Damn Ahriman! He makes anthroposophists human.


11 thoughts on “thank you ahriman, please sit down

  1. The author is Meg Gorman, whose age is somewhere between me and Frank Thomas Smith. She teaches high school English at the Santa Fe WS which has been K-12 since 2005. Check out her bio here
    In fact, now that I think about it, she strikes me as the female version of Frank Thomas Smith since both are at least 40 year proponents of the social science section at the Goetheanum; they have a lot of experience nurturing Waldorf schools, and both have a bent for writing and literature.

  2. This is, of course (isn’t it?), a way of invalidating critics — in fact, increased criticism (the forces of ahriman) is a sign that their work has improved, their efforts are paying off.

    That said, it’s a great fun read.

  3. Because it’s available via the link and also, if I did, someone somewhere would accuse me of copyright infringement ;-) So you’ll have to take the trouble of clicking on the link. On the other hand, it is worth it!

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